Discover the My Father Cigar 2024 Blends: Find Out What's New

Discover the My Father Cigar 2024 Blends: Find Out What's New

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jun 04, 2024

Discover the My Father Cigar 2024 Blends: Find Out What's New.

Are you interested in what's new with my father cigars in 2024? I don't know you but I was super excited to see what My Father ushered in for 2024. The rumors were true they added innovative blends and extensions to their already great lines, promising to tantalize the palates of the newbie and experienced smokers alike.

My Father Cigars 2024 New Releases

Here at Cuenca Cigars - I, Ana Cuenca will guide you through these truly noteworthy additions, spotlighting the craftsmanship that continues to define the My Father brand.

Key Things to Takeaway For The My Father New Releases

  • My Father Cigars introduced a few new blends and updated some others, including the full-bodied Fonseca Mexican (MX) San Andrés wrapper (in four sizes) and the Don Pepin Vintage Edition, both showing off a mix of flavors like cedar, leather, and spices. I like the cedar, its very interesting.
  • The Vegas Cubanas line has been rebranded with really cool visual enhancements, which I personally love and blend adjustments to emphasize Nicaraguan puro flavors.
  • Since we live in convenience driven world, the Fonseca Cosaco is now available in tins of five and Centurion S2K offer distinct flavors and larger sizes to cater to the diverse preferences of cigar enthusiasts.

I love My Father 2024 New Releases

The Fonseca Mexican San Andrés Wrapper Renaissance

The Fonseca brand, held dear by me and many others in the cigar world, has undergone a sort of rebirth with the new Mexican San Andrés wrapper. This full-bodied delight, aptly named the MX Mexican San Andrés wrapper Fonseca, offers a roller coaster of flavors that will leave even the most snooty cigar smokers captivated.

Fonseca Mx Mexican by My Father 2024

I think by planting these roots with the Mexico San Andres tobacco, this cigar is a true testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Available in four sizes, this blend offers a range of experiences to cater to different people's preferences. The dark, oily Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper hugs a robust blend of Nicaraguan fillers, offering an intricate mix of:

  • cedar
  • leather
  • cinnamon
  • umami
  • spice

Historically the Fonseca Cigars have been known for being flavorful yet milder in strength profile. With the introduction of the Mexican San Andrés wrapped cigars by My Father Cigars makes a strategic move to appeal to a broader array of cigar enthusiasts like me, who are on the quest for novel and diverse blends.

The draw of these smokes are a testament to the expertise of the Garcia family at their Spanish Garcia Family Farm, a symphony of flavors that dances on your palate, you have to try it.

I have noticed that the richly flavored San Andres Maduro wrapper harmonizes really well with the Nicaragua filler, giving off an cool aroma, powerful taste, and an after-taste that keeps me wanting another stick.

I think the Fonseca Mexican San Andrés Wrapper Renaissance is a result of innovation and craftsmanship of My Father Cigars. They are doing really great work over there. I am happy to carry many of their products in my shop and online.

This new MX addition is my personal favorite for a many reasons. But the main reason being I have always loved My Fathers cigars, they are beyond great. However, being a long time cigar smoker my palette leans towards the bolder full-bodied sticks. This new addition suites my preferences perfectly. My customers seem to love them too as they seem to be a new favorite at the shop in South Florida.

Don Pepín's Latest Craft: Pepin Vintage Edition

2024 Pepin Vintage Edition

Don Pepin has always reflected a legacy of excellence and tradition in the cigar industry, we all know this. So, it is no surprise to me that the latest stick from this master blender, the Don Pepin Vintage Edition, is a considered a treat for many cigar aficionados. The medium to full-bodied nature of this cigar, along with its complex flavor profile, makes it a worthy addition to my humidor and should be in yours too.

Enclosed in a Nicaraguan leaf with a Nicaraguan tobacco filling, the Pepin Vintage Edition pays homage to the country’s superior tobacco. Each draw offers a symphony of flavors, including:

  • Cedar
  • Earth
  • Nutmeg
  • Pepper
  • Undertones of caramel and toasted bread

This blend has struck a chord with both newcomers and seasoned cigar lovers, earning a respectable score of 89 points in a review from critics. This is a great review, and I can tell you from the horses mouth that a 89 is being modest. My customers love it.

Available in robusto, toro, and toro gordo, the Pepin Vintage Edition caters to a variety of my customers preferences. Priced at $14.00 for the Toro size, it is the premium offering that is well worth the price point. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or a newcomer in the cigar world, the Pepin Vintage Edition is sure to leave an imprint on your palate.

Vegas Cubanas: Revamped and Rebranded

vegas cubanas don pepin invictos cigars

I have always liked Vegas Cubanas by My Father Cigars. In 2024 they has revitalized the Vegas Cubanas in a way that I love. The brand has been visually aligned with the other cigars in the Don Pepín García brand, showcasing a new band and packaging.

Being looking very closing and smoking quite a few myself and have noticed the enhancements to include to a striking green band with accents in gold and red. Also I see that the packaging itself has been upgraded from traditional hard board boxes to premium wooden cedar boxes, each containing 20 cigars, enhancing the brand's aura of luxury and craftsmanship.

The transformation, however, is not just skin deep; while smoking the cigar I noticed the blend itself has been refined. The revamped Vegas Cubanas now emphasize the Nicaraguan puro with a Corojo Rosado wrapper, enhancing the flavor profile and adding a new dimension to the smoking experience.

The updated Vegas Cubanas lineup now offers five different sizes, each presented in boxes of 20. This rebranding, along with the blend adjustments, mark an exciting chapter in the Vegas Cubanas journey - a journey that continues to offer memorable smoking experiences for me and other cigar enthusiasts.

The Vegas Cubanas blend is a cornerstone in the legacy of My Father Cigars. Give it a try, I promise you wont be disappointed.

Convenience Meets Quality: Fonseca Cosaco in Tins

Fonseca Cosaco Tins 2024 New Release from My Father

Convenience is King and I think My Father Cigars got this right. Cigars Smokers will love this new convenient tin without having to worry about loss of quality. The Fonseca by My Father Cosacos is now available in a tin containing five corona-sized cigars, providing an easy and convenient option for cigar smokers on the go.

Despite the smaller, portable packaging, the Fonseca by My Father Cosacos maintains its reputation for smoothness, good flavor, and construction. Each draw delivers flavor notes such as red pepper, cedar, and almond, offering a satisfying smoke for those moments on the move. I smoke them on my morning walks around the neighbor. Don't judge me, you will do it too.

Convenience and quality, typically two opposing forces come together in the Fonseca Cosaco tins. This blend carries the rich history of the Fonseca brand from Cuba (my homeland), now continued through the quality craftsmanship at the My Father Cigars factory.

Centurion S2K's Big Flavor in a Bigger Size

My Father Cigars introduces the Centurion S2K to meet the needs of those who desire a larger cigar without sacrificing flavor. This cigar line has expanded with a new size that caters to enthusiasts like me looking for a larger cigar experience without sacrificing the richness of flavor.

The introduction of a larger size in the Centurion S2K line is a response to the demand from cigar lovers who enjoy a more substantial smoke. This size offers a longer smoking session, allowing the smoker to fully appreciate the complexities and nuances of the blend.

Sometimes I want I quick smoke and sometimes I don't. This is for those times when I have the time to sit for a good amount of time like a watching a soccer or football game.

The Centurion S2K offers:

El Centurion S2k by My Father Cigars

  • A larger size that does not dilute the flavor
  • A platform for the blend to truly shine
  • A memorable smoking experience
  • A larger, bolder, and more flavorful smoke


In the world of cigars, My Father Cigars stands as a brand of consistency, quality, and innovation. The new blends introduced in 2024 are a showcase of the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and providing unique experiences for cigar for me and other enthusiasts.

From the full-bodied Fonseca Mexican San Andrés wrapper to the convenience of the Fonseca Cosaco in the new tins, the brand continues to innovate while maintaining its commitment to quality and flavor. I just love My Father Cigars, I cant wait to see what next year brings.

These new blends, each with their unique characteristics and flavor profiles, offer a diverse range of experiences for cigar lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado like me or a newcomer to the world of cigars, there’s something to captivate your palate. Embark on a journey of taste exploration with these new offerings from My Father Cigars – it’s a journey well worth taking.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the flavor notes of the Fonseca Mexican San Andrés Wrapper?

The flavor notes of the Fonseca Mexican San Andrés Wrapper include cedar, leather, cinnamon, umami, and spice, providing an intricate and enjoyable mix.

What are the changes in Vegas Cubanas?

Vegas Cubanas has redesigned its packaging and adjusted its blend to emphasize the Nicaraguan puro with a corojo rosado wrapper, resulting in significant changes to the cigar.

What convenience does the Fonseca by My Father Cosacos offer?

The Fonseca by My Father Cosacos offers the convenience of a tin containing five corona-sized cigars, perfect for cigar enthusiasts looking for a portable option.

What does the Wise Man Corojo / Maduro Corona offer in terms of flavor?

The Wise Man Corojo / Maduro Corona offers a rich flavor profile including warm chocolate, espresso, dark chocolate, subtle raisin sweetness, leather, and a strong white pepper note. Enjoy a complex and robust smoking experience.