Diesel Disciple Lancero Cigars | TAA Exclusive

Diesel Disciple Lancero Cigars | TAA Exclusive

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 15, 2022

Diesel Disciple Lancero Cigars | TAA Exclusive

Diesel is a well known brand , famous for its ring band "Disciple", which in fact is its flagship cigar. 

It's a luxurious smoke offering , that mixes classic flavor with a long-lasting exotic taste. You can enjoy these cigars at any time of the day. We've got you covered if you'd like to learn more about Disciple and other products from the brand. 

Here's what you should know about finding this lancero cigar from Diesel. 

What Is the Story Behind Diesel Cigars?

The aficionado must learn the ins and outs of Diesel cigars and what makes them special and unique. It's a cigar brand that specializes in the best Nicaraguan tobacco available. Their catchphrase, "Bold by Design" reveals a lot about the company and its belief system. 

This belief is backed by the fact they have more than 15 specialty cigars in circulation that range from mild to robust. Diesel Disciple is the best example among these and is respected by cigar aficionados worldwide. 

Diesel cigars have made their name by using Collaboration with leading brands such as  AJ Fernandez , Whiskey Raw Cherry Cast and previously Rabbit Hole Distillery. Both Whiskey makers have a strong following base. The Cigars are made in Esteli Nicaragua under AJ Fernandez's supervision of the blending process. The smokes are absolutely bold and full of flavours.

What Are Some of the Best Diesel Cigars?

So, which Diesel cigars are ideal? Learning a little bit about each offering will help you figure out what to add to your humidor, probably guiding you in the direction of a sampler pack that can expand your palate and tastes. 

Here are some notes you should get to know about the Diesel Disciple and other cigar offerings from the brand:

Diesel Disciple

This is a full-time cigar produced by Diesel that was formerly a Tobacconists' Association of America (TAA) exclusive. It's a hand-rolled cigar that provides medium to full-bodied flavor. The cigar is produced in the Estelí area of Nicaragua and features a wrapper from Mexico, another great land producer of top quality tobacco leafs.

When you smoke the Diesel Disciple, you will experience flavor notes of oak, pepper, and various earth tones. 

Diesel Sunday Gravy

Everybody loves home cooking, and mom's Sunday Gravy is a mainstay. Diesel released a cigar with this title, and its taste and flavor might also send you down memory lane when you're enjoying this delightful smoke. 

It's a seasonal release that is rolled and manufactured in Estelí, Nicaragua. The cigar relies on a recipe that creates a mouth-watering flavor, as it is a medium to full-bodied smoke that has notes of nuts, sugar, and earth. You will enjoy this cigar alongside drinks like bourbon, coffee, and espresso-based coffee drinks like the latte or Americano. 

Diesel Unlimited and Unlimited Maduro

Limited-edition cigars spark interest like nothing else. The Diesel Unlimited and Unlimited Maduro create the same buzz in the tobacco world while still being available all throughout the calendar year. 

It's a robust smoke that is packed with plenty of flavors. The Diesel Unlimited features taste notes of leather, spice, and oak. It pairs well with full-bodied drinks like a chocolate stout or strong bourbon whiskey. The Diesel Unlimited Maduro is also robust and full-bodied and builds on the characteristics that made its predecessor, the Diesel Unlimited, so popular. 

The wrapper,from Mexico is rich with natural oils, along with blended tobacco , Honduras, and Nicaragua to then form a "filler" full of flavor. You will love pairing the Diesel Unlimited Maduro with drinks like single malt scotch and wines made from Shiraz grapes. This cigar comes with flavor notes of cocoa, coffee, spice, and leather. 

Diesel d. 10th

The Diesel d. 10th is a commemorative cigar that celebrates 10 years of Diesel. This cigar was hand inspected by A.J. Fernandez, one of the industry's most renowned master blenders. The wrapper is from Ecuador and the cigar is packed with tobacco cultivated in Nicaragua. 

This full-bodied cigar is as rich as it is robust, and it has an eclectic blend of taste notes, including earth tones, dark chocolate, sugar, spice, and coffee. It features cigars in a variety of sizes, including 4.5 inches, 5.5 inches, and 6 inches. You can pair this Diesel d. 10th cigar with various types of bourbon and coffee. 

Consider Some Cigar Tips

Now that you know more about Diesel offerings, it's important to learn the cigar tips that will help you get the most from the hobby. For one, learn the proper way to smoke a cigar. Take small, full puffs, making sure to hold the smoke in your mouth, rather than inhale it. 

Cigar tobacco smoke is so thick and dense that there's no need to inhale. Instead, you can taste the flavor with different parts of your tongue and will absorb the tobacco into your cheek membrane before slowly exhaling. 

Learn what to look for in a cigar. Understand your tolerance and preferences, so you can shop between mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars. 

Consider the cigar's geography to understand its culture and cultivation. Figure out the types and brands that produce what you enjoy, and learn as much as you can about the cultivation process and how these cigars are manufactured or hand-wrapped. 

Store your cigars properly, making sure they're always kept somewhere cool and dark, and kept in the cellophane wrapper for as long as possible to preserve their freshness. Serious cigar hobbyists should also invest in a humidor that keeps your sticks at the perfect temperature and humidity settings. 

The Finest Lancero Cigars on the Planet

If you have a passion for lancero cigars or other styles, you must figure out the best way to find and collect them. 

Cuenca Cigars has a little bit of everything for the cigar aficionado. We've been around since 2001, and take pride in helping cigar lovers enjoy their hobby while offering the best prices and services you'll find. 

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