Celebrate in Style: Unveiling Luxurious NM80 Cigar Experience

Celebrate in Style: Unveiling Luxurious NM80 Cigar Experience

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 22, 2024

Distinguished, limited, and steeped in celebration, the Nestor Miranda NM80 comes as a recognition of Nestor Miranda’s eight decades of influence in the cigar world. This introduction to the NM80 will navigate you through its inception, intricate Nicaraguan puro blend, and what makes only 500 boxes of this limited cigar a pursuit for tobacco connoisseurs. Reflecting on both its symbolic significance and material craftsmanship, this piece delivers insights without giving away the painstaking detail that awaits the reader.

Key Takeaways

  • The NM80 is a limited and exclusive 80th-anniversary cigar from the esteemed Nestor Miranda Collection, produced in collaboration with Miami Cigar Co. and My Father Cigars, with only 500 boxes per size being available.
  • The NM80 offers a refined smoking experience with a Nicaraguan puro blend specially crafted to reflect Nestor Miranda’s taste, available in three sizes (Ruky, Lancero, and Danno) and designed to improve with aging for enhanced complexity and smoothness.
  • The NM80 launch event at City Cigar Lounge in downtown Miami was a luxurious celebration of Nestor Miranda’s 80th birthday, offering a grand demonstration of exquisite cigar culture and highlighting the NM80 as a symbol of Miranda’s lasting legacy in the luxury cigar world.

The Story Behind the NM80

Aged tobacco leaves in a Nicaraguan cigar factory

The NM80, a significant milestone in Nestor Miranda 80th life journey, celebrates his 80th birthday with grandeur that matches his legacy. As part of the esteemed Nestor Miranda Collection, the NM80 takes its rightful place as the 80th Anniversary line, a testament to a life richly lived and a legacy lovingly built.

This cigar emerges from a unique collaboration. A harmonious fusion of expertise from Nestor Miranda, his son-in-law Jason Wood, the Vice President of Miami Cigar Co., and the masters of My Father Cigar. Each collaborator’s distinct signature is carried in the blend, yielding an exclusive, limited, and utterly captivating cigar. With only 500 boxes per size, the NM80 stands as a symbol of exclusivity, making its grand debut at the prestigious 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

The Art of Crafting the NM80

Craftsman hand-rolling a premium cigar

The NM80’s creation exemplifies the power of partnership. A beautiful blend of expertise and resources from Miami Cigar Co. and My Father Cigars, the NM80 is the epitome of quality and taste. The cigar embodies Nestor Miranda’s signature palate, echoing his persona through its Nicaraguan puro blend.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection

The Nestor Miranda Special Selection features an exclusive line that includes the NM80. This line boasts three unique sizes: NM80 Ruky, NM80 Lancero, and NM80 Danno, each limited to just 500 boxes. This exclusivity and variety underscore the uniqueness of the Nestor Miranda brand and its commitment to delivering a distinct smoking experience.

Over the years, the Special Selection has evolved, debuting the Rosado blend in 2019, characterized by a Nicaraguan Puro offering a medium to full strength profile. The Special Selection Connecticut, another star of the collection, was first introduced in 2012 and relaunched in 2022 at the same My Father Cigars S.A. factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, with the blend details remaining undisclosed. This evolution and secrecy further enhance the allure of the Nestor Miranda brand.

A Refined Smoking Experience

Crafted in secrecy, the NM80 blend has been fine-tuned to satisfy Nestor Miranda’s discerning tastes. The blend, revealed to Nestor Miranda just before its release, is a Nicaraguan puro created with a medium-bodied profile offering darker and spicier flavors. The cigar is well-constructed with excellent burn and firm ashes, highlighting the care and attention to detail in its crafting.

The NM80 comes in Ruky, Lancero, and Danno sizes, honoring Nestor Miranda’s preference and showcasing the sizes that have been iconic within his brand over the years. For an enhanced complexity and smoothness of the NM80, it is recommended to age the cigar in a humidor for several months or longer, adding an extra dimension to the smoking experience.

Father Cigar's Vast Library

The collaboration on the NM80 is one of many successful projects between Miami Cigar Co. and My Father Cigars. With a vast library of exquisite cigars, My Father Cigars has carved a niche in the cigar world, crafting blends that delight cigar enthusiasts worldwide. The father team behind these exceptional cigars has truly made a mark in the industry.

The NM80 stands as a testament to their expertise and a symbol of the fruitful partnership between the two companies.

An Exclusive Launch Event

The launch event of the NM80 was a grand affair, befitting the luxurious persona of the cigar. Celebrating Nestor Miranda’s 80th birthday, the event was a showcase of the best the cigar world has to offer, with industry insiders and aficionados paying tribute to a true legend.

City Cigar Lounge: A Luxurious Setting

City Cigar Lounge, located in the heart of downtown Miami, served as the perfect backdrop for the NM80 launch event. A premium bar and cigar lounge, City Cigar Lounge provides guests with a wide selection of premium cigars within a welcoming environment. The lounge promises an unparalleled experience, making it the ideal setting for the grand showcase of the NM80 cigar.

Equipped to host exclusive private events, City Cigar Lounge’s capabilities perfectly align with the needs of a distinguished celebration like the NM80 launch event. The luxurious setting, combined with the exclusive nature of the event, made for an unforgettable evening of celebration and camaraderie.

Celebrating Nestor's 80th Anniversary

Luxurious City Cigar Lounge in Miami

The NM80 event was not just about celebrating a new cigar; it was about celebrating a remarkable milestone. Nestor Miranda’s 80th anniversary marked a journey of passion, dedication, and mastery in the world of cigars. The event was a tribute to Nestor Miranda, a man whose name is synonymous with luxury cigars.

Even if you couldn’t make it to the celebration, the spirit of the event lives on with the NM80. As we light up an NM80, we celebrate not just a cigar, but a man whose passion for cigars has given us countless moments of pleasure.

Let’s celebrate Nestor Miranda, a true luminary in the world of cigars, and explore the unique qualities of Nestor Miranda’s creations, often praised for their ancestor’s palate appeal.

How to Enjoy the NM80

The NM80 transcends being just a cigar; it embodies a very refined smoking experience. To fully enjoy it, one must be mindful of not just the cigar itself, but also the environment, the etiquette, and the pairings – much like savoring a five course dinner.

Let’s explore the ways to experience the NM80 to its maximum potential.

Pairing Suggestions

Aligning the NM80 with the appropriate beverage can significantly elevate your smoking experience. For those who enjoy a drink, the NM80 pairs excellently with a wide selection of scotch, bourbon, and whiskies. Beer enthusiasts can opt for diverse beer styles like IPAs and stouts, while wine lovers can enjoy the cigar with red or Port wine. Rum-based drinks and fine brandies including Cognac and Armagnac also pair well with the NM80.

For a non-alcoholic experience, the NM80 can be enjoyed with:

  • morning coffee, Nestor Miranda’s own preference
  • fine teas
  • iced tea
  • soda
  • mineral water with fruit juice

The key to a successful pairing is matching the intensity of the cigar’s flavor to the beverage, ensuring a balanced experience.

Proper Storage and Aging

It’s vital to store and age the NM80 appropriately to preserve its flavor profile. A consistent relative humidity (RH) in the humidor prevents the cigar from drying out and becoming brittle. Regularly monitoring the hygrometer, especially during winter, safeguards against extreme dry conditions that can damage the cigar.

Using a digital hygrometer provides more accurate humidity readings, ensuring the NM80 is stored in ideal conditions. In winter, when cold air can cause humidity levels to drop, it’s important to protect the NM80 with proper storage measures. Extra humidification tools like Boveda packs, crystal gel jars, or traditional foam humidifiers can help counteract the dryness caused by heating systems during winter. Cedar dividers or trays within the humidor can be used to organize cigars like the NM80 and facilitate proper airflow around each one.

Cigar Etiquette

Adhering to proper etiquette can enrich your cigar smoking experience. It shows respect for others and adds to the communal experience of smoking a cigar. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always bring your own cutter or punch, torch or lighter, and cigars to events, as this shows self-sufficiency and respect for others.
  • Maintain a polite demeanor and use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when interacting with other attendees.
  • Adhere to basic etiquette throughout the event.

Following these guidelines will ensure a positive and enjoyable cigar smoking experience for everyone involved.

When enjoying the NM80, be mindful of the following:

  • Smoke you produce, directing it away from others and using ashtrays to maintain cleanliness and respect the shared space
  • Drinking responsibly, ensuring that your behavior remains professional and does not offend others or tarnish the experience
  • Recognizing cigar events as possible networking opportunities and treating all interactions, even casual ones about cigars, with the potential seriousness of business discussions.


The Nestor Miranda NM80 is a symbol of a man’s journey, a testament to his passion, and a luxury experience in itself. From the story behind its creation to the craftsmanship involved, every aspect of the NM80 is a reflection of Nestor Miranda’s passion for cigars and his legacy in the cigar industry.

As we light up an NM80, let us remember the man behind it, his journey, and his legacy. Let the smoke carry us away, and let us savor the experience, for it is not just a cigar, it is a celebration of life, passion, and mastery. Here’s to Nestor Miranda, a legend in the world of cigars.

What is the significance of the NM80?

The NM80 is a special cigar created to celebrate Nestor Miranda's 80th birthday, forming an integral part of the esteemed Nestor Miranda Collection.

Who was involved in the creation of the NM80?

The NM80 was created through a collaboration between Nestor Miranda, Jason Wood, and My Father Cigar.

What makes the NM80 unique?

The NM80 is unique due to its Nicaraguan puro blend, reflecting Nestor Miranda's signature palate, and its limited production of three exclusive sizes.

How can I enhance my NM80 smoking experience?

To enhance your NM80 smoking experience, try pairing it with a suitable beverage, creating a relaxed environment, occasional retrohaling, and rotating the cigar for an even burn. Enjoy!

How should I store the NM80?

To store the NM80 properly, it's essential to maintain a consistent relative humidity in the humidor to prevent the cigar from drying out and becoming brittle. Regularly monitor the hygrometer and use a digital one for accurate readings, along with extra humidification tools if needed.