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Posted by Ana Cuenca on Sep 27, 2016

Destination Cuenca, a Monthly Event at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood, a family-owned and operated cigar shop, is excited to announce the return of Destination Cuenca. This highly anticipated monthly event takes place every third Saturday, offering an enchanting experience for cigar aficionados and enthusiasts alike. As we enter the winter season, prepare to be captivated by a wonderful evening filled with captivating entertainment and the enchanting melodies of the world-renowned Oriente Band. Join us as we embark on this delightful journey of music and celebration.

Destination Cuenca is a collaborative effort with the Hollywood Artwalk, an event currently sponsored by the City of Hollywood on the third Saturday of every month. With Cuenca Cigars joining the festivities, this already successful event gets an added infusion of culture and flair. The charming sidewalk patio at Cuenca Cigar will set the perfect stage for Destination Cuenca, where an enthusiastic crowd of relaxed patrons and cigar aficionados will indulge in fine cigars and groove to the toe-tapping beats of live music. Each month, Destination Cuenca will proudly feature a different cigar manufacturer, giving them a platform to showcase their latest and best-selling lines of cigars. To top it all off, the evening will include an exquisite wine tasting experience.

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood officials are highly optimistic that this event will be a resounding success. "Destination Cuenca" serves as yet another compelling reason for visitors to explore Downtown Hollywood, FL. Our vision is for patrons to consider Hollywood, FL as their ultimate evening destination, benefiting from its vibrant dining scene and now seamlessly transitioning to the remarkable experience at Destination Cuenca. As Ana Cuenca, the store owner and avid cigar enthusiast, puts it, "After indulging in the array of culinary delights offered by the local dining establishments, we offer the perfect next-stop on your itinerary." It's no wonder that Downtown Hollywood, FL is already a fashionable hotspot, and we aim to build on that energy.

This shop and lounge sets itself apart from the typical "man cave" cigar stores. It's not just a place to grab a cigar to smoke at home; it's a destination where people of all backgrounds can come together to enjoy great live music and a memorable night out on the town. At Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood, you'll find groups of men, women, and couples thoroughly enjoying themselves any given night. It's an experience that should be on everyone's calendar - a truly unmissable affair. Let Cuenca be your next destination.

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood offers a diverse range of both domestic and imported pilsners, ales, and ciders. Moreover, their wine selection is truly unparalleled. Their shelves consistently feature an extensive collection of wines from renowned regions such as California, Italy, Chile, Spain, and Australia. Whether you prefer to savor your wine by-the-bottle or by-the-glass, Cuenca Cigars has got you covered. For a glimpse of their exquisite cigar selection, feel free to explore their online store.

About Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood

The store and lounge have been a destination for many for nearly ten years. Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood will soon be celebrating their 10-year anniversary. The success of this location is based on the true relationships the owners have with their clientele coupled with their massive humidor selection of the world’s finest cigars. The family that owns and operates Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood is hands-on and their commitment to their local and seasonal patrons is priority number one. When people visit Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood they feel at home and instantly become regulars.

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