Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood | May News | Cigars

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood | May News | Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 19, 2013

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood has the perfect blend for an enjoyable evening in south Florida. The casual atmosphere includes a well stocked cigar shop with an outdoor sidewalk cigar lounge, plenty of people watching, friendly faces, nearby restaurants and the most welcoming greeting "Hello My Friend" from Ana Cuenca. As Cuenca Cigars grew, so did the mixture of daily, weekly and monthly activities. You can always catch a friendly game of dominos, meet a new friend or take in the monthly Art & Cigars exhibitions. The recent opening of Cuenca's Montecristo Lounge added the attraction of a member's only club with personal cigar lockers, big screen TV's and a cool place to enjoy a cigar in the summer.

The downtown area comes alive the third Saturday of the Month with ArtWalk and every night the local ice cream truck stops by with refreshing treats.

This month, "NAKED BEAUTY" by John Gillan and "601 La Bomba" by EO Brand was the perfect match for an unforgettable evening at Cuenca Cigars. Erick Espinoza from EO Brand, pre-released his new "601 La Bomba" while John Gillan's  collection of nude photographs premiered at the third monthly Art and Cigars event. The event was one of the most exciting presentations in Downtown Hollywood and was attended by the private members and numerous guests. Over a 100 people responded to the invitation and came down to visit us.

That night our customers had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistic and tasteful presentation of John Gillan's  nude photography. At least 4 people took home a precious copy signed by the author. A book signing and one-on-one conversations with the artist also took place that night.
John Gillan explained that the nude collection started while traveling throughout the United States with his 4x5 film, 6x7, 617 panoramic and pinhole cameras and on several workshops with his mentor Lucien Clergue. A portion of the work was created in White Sands, New Mexico and the most recent work was taken poolside in south Florida with 35mm digital equipment. Gillan's models were not models at all but a tribute to woman, mothers and the girl next door. As time went on, so did the introduction of piercings, plastic surgery and tattoos on the body. After three decades of photographing the nude, the time had come to reveal the collection and Cuenca's Cigars was the perfect location.
A portion of the work can be viewed at:

The cigar, "La Bomba" is due to arrive for distribution into the United States next May 11, 2011. The pre-release into the US was at Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood, Florida last April 29Th, 2011. The Cigar was presented individually and in a 5 Cigar Pack available with purchase of any EO Brand Box. Erick Espinosa had the opportunity to introduce this cigar to our loyal clientele, talking with one of the "men behind the brand" was a most unexpected and enjoyed part of the event. Much expectation has been created around this company after they recently merged with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. Rocky Patel is one of the leading manufacturers of cigars who has created a company that has out shined even those created by multimillion dollar corporations, and they are doing it one customer at a time.

Erick Espinoza and Eddie Ortega are very enthusiastic about the introduction of this new cigar. This will set the stage for new and more complex palates. Everybody that came down to Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood and had "La Bomba" cigar had a great impression and enjoyed this beautiful smoke. After tasting this exquisite full bodied cigar, everybody has the answer to all their questions and then they enjoyed the presentation of Art and Cigars: "NAKED BEAUTY" tasteful nude photographs by John Gillan.

You can now see all the event pictures taken by Christy Howie, Michael Gillan, Alex Staackmann and John Gillan and amazing videos composed by Donn Werrbach from our events online in our Cuenca Cigars Gallery. Follow us on Facebook: "Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood" or Twitter: "CuencaCigars".

Event Specials are still running until the end of May.

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