6 Tips for Buying Cigars Online

6 Tips for Buying Cigars Online

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 25, 2022

Cigars have come a long way from their earliest depiction in Mayan art from the 10th century, long before Columbus took tobacco on its long voyage to Europe. However, with the option of buying cigars online, the journey it takes is no longer as difficult. With a few taps and a little waiting time, you can get your cigars delivered right to your doorstep.

Of course, a lot goes into those initial few taps. From choosing your preferred cigar to finding the right shop to supply it and making sure it gets to your home in tip-top shape, there's a lot to consider.

Here are six tips you should follow before making any final taps on your online purchase.

1. Know What You’re Looking For

If you’re not new to the cigar game, you probably already have a favorite brand and blend in mind. Even then, you still have to research your online shop options. When you’re a beginner, research is your brightest guiding light.

One of the biggest benefits of ordering online is that you’re already online. You’re just a few taps away from looking up shop and product options. You can discover the best cigars for you based on the following:


These are just some general purposes to consider. The purpose is important when choosing a specific category, brand, and price point.

Consider asking questions like: Are you buying cigars for personal use? Are they for a special occasion? Are you trying to build a collection?

First-Hand Experience of Other People

The experience of other people comes in very handy when you can’t physically examine your options. Look through the reviews of individual products in a shop and the shop itself.

Singles and Samplers

When exploring your cigar options, it takes two or more tries before you can commit to a full box. So, any online shop you choose should offer singles and assorted samplers.

2. Look Through the Shop’s Website

When deciding where to buy cigars online, you’ll naturally find yourself on a shop’s website. So, with the virtual equivalent of a shop’s store, judge it as you would judge the cleanliness of a physical store.

Sufficient and Accurate Information

When visiting a shop’s website, make sure they provide the following:

  • Shop information
  • Complete products selection
  • Product descriptions
  • Special products and services
  • Contact details
  • Customer reviews

Like signs, pamphlets, and billboards, website information can encourage but shouldn’t mislead.

Comprehensive Design

A shop’s website should have easy navigation on top of an appealing look. Different sections should be well labeled and organized. Their selection should also be in helpful categories and linked to product pages.

3. Verify Their Storage Conditions

If you want to protect or even enhance the flavors and aroma of your cigars, proper storage is vital. Make sure the storage standards of a shop are up to par. If you can’t verify from their website alone, contact the shop and ask.

The safe range of cigar storage is around 70 to 75 percent relative humidity and 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, different cigars can have different humidity and temperature requirements.

We can’t talk about proper cigar storage without mentioning a humidor. Cigars should be inside a humidor until you’re ready to use them. So, to really up your cigar aficionado game, get yourself a humidor!

4. Check if a Shop Offers Fast Shipping Options

Another aspect of buying cigars online is that it leaves room for error in transit. It’s difficult to control the product handling when the qualified cigar experts at the shop hand over your package for delivery. To protect the quality and freshness of your cigars, you want to minimize the time they spend in transit.

5. Look Out for Dubious Products

There are regulations placed on the production and distribution of tobacco products. From packaging and export to counterfeiting ingredients. Never put your money and well-being on a store you can’t trust through proper research.

6. Observe a Shop’s Customer Service

You’re entitled to ask questions to ensure the quality of your purchase. When you can’t examine the product physically, it’s even more important for an online cigar shop to have accommodating customer service.

In line with all the previous tips, it would be difficult to check their storage, their selection, and their shipping if they’re not responsive. With all its convenience, the experience of shopping online is simply not as immersive. You need all the guidance you can get, especially if it’s your first time ordering online or from that shop.

Why Should You Be Buying Cigars Online?

If you’re not with the product through every step, it’s easy to imagine all the ways things could go wrong. Especially when buying consumables requiring controlled storage online. So, is it worth it?

Absolutely! Here are some reasons why:

Better Selection

Online shops can list more products, especially if they’re drop shipping. You can always benefit from the options of a larger inventory. Whether you’re looking for something specific or you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet.

More Affordable

Cigar prices are mostly controlled by manufacturers, so retailers will have similar prices. The affordability of shopping online comes from the deals offered on different websites.

These offers change depending on the shop, day, or event. You can also bag discounts and perks if you meet a minimum spend or bulk buy.

Purchase at Your Own Pace

Online cigar shops don’t have the same restrictions as physical stores, like closing hours or weekends. You’re free to browse and research products for as long as you want. Especially for beginners, stepping into a physical store and feeling surrounded by cigar aficionados can also be an intimidating experience.

Accessible Cigar Information

Online shops are a great place to learn about the cigar industry. Look out for articles and blog posts about brands and products. Working in the industry, good shops have a close ear on the news about the cigar world, like new and limited edition releases.

Buy Premium Cigars at the Best Prices

Premium evokes the image of gentlemen in cigar lounges. However, the cigar itself is what makes the experience premium.

Bring that experience to your home by buying cigars online! With the advantage of these cigar buying tips, do you think you’re ready to make your purchase? If so, get in touch!