Ashton La Aroma de Cuba Reserva Cigar Ashtray


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Indulge in the communal pleasure of cigars with a classic Ashton La Aroma de Cuba Reserva Cigar Ashtray. Exquisitely designed from organic bright red, this stylish ashtray boasts four cigar rests and is embellished with an elegant logo that underscores your commitment to LADC Reserve for premium quality smokes. Invite your friends over for some extraordinary smoking experience!

Surprise your cigar-loving friends with the luxurious La Aroma de Cuba Reserva Cigar Ashtray. The four stylishly angled rests and a glossy red finish center dish will add sophistication to any table setting, while its 8 1/2" diameter and deep 2 3/4" bowl design can accommodate up to four guests for enjoyable smoking pleasure! Its exquisite craftsmanship ensures that everyone will appreciate this classic yet elegant ceramic ashtray - making it an ideal gift or addition to any home.