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Mar 12, 2012


Press Release. Cuenca Cigars, Hollywood, FL. March 13th, 2012.


Liga Privada by Drew Estate.


Last month we become Authorized Retailer for Liga Privada by Drew Estate. Meaning, from now on, we are on the list of dealers that will received "some" of this very rare sticks. Liga Privada by Drew Estate was a new initiatives were they put forth a great deal of time and effort to create this magnifecent blend.


Drew Estate was initially known for its infused cigars. Acid came to be known with the unique tobacco blend that has a nontraditional product. With a very talented marketing strategy Drew Estate has become today a leader for the tobacco industry. They have moved from their Acid blend, to lines like Chateau Real, La Joya de Nicaragua and more recently Liga Privada T-52, Liga Privada No 9, Liga Privada Undercrown. Liga Privada is no different from many of their other lines in terms of quality and consistency, but brings a strong and robust flavor to the palate.


San Lotano Cigars by AJ Fernandez.


Also new to Cuenca Cigars is this new and probably the most attractive cigar on the marketplace right now. The cigar hits our shelves one day after Jeff Groover, San Lotano Cigars sales Representative, visits our store and gave us the cigar for tasting. We fall in love with it right away. San Lotano Cigars comes in an Oval Shape which is a Box Pressed Shape but rounded and also box pressed shape. With a variety of wrappers: Maduro, Connecticut and Habano. The prestigious San Lotano Oval from AJ Fernandez presents in a highly unique oval shape. The key to an enhanced smoking experience: ultra-premium aged tobacco. The new Oval affords a truly distinguished balance like no other. This cigars has rapidly become a “to go” cigar for many cigar aficionados. You can now buy San Lotano Cigars in our Online store.


Ortega Serie D 
New to Cuenca Cigars is also the recently released Ortega Series D, the first brand manufactured under the Ortega trademark. The Series “D” is hand crafted in Esteli, Nicaragua using only the finest tobaccos grown in the Jalapa and Esteli regions of Nicaragua and is topped off with an exquisite Mexican Maduro wrapper grown in the San Andres Valley, Mexico. The cigars are available in boxes of 10 or 20 cigars; and 5 sizes. The cigar was released to very limited Retailers. As per a personal conversation with Eddie Ortega, he is planning to distribute the cigar in about 300 stores nationwide. Ortega’s new releases have been very well received by the cigar aficionado’s community. The very well package, box pressed and elegant Mexican wrapper (Dark Mexican) have attracted our eyes and the full flavor profile have made of this cigar one that came to stay. You can buy Ortega Serie D Cigars now at our Online Store.


More cigars have been added recently but we will talk about it in a later issue of Cuenca Cigar Que Pasa Newsletter.


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