Tatiana Vanilla Petites 5/10 Cigars - Mini Tins


Tatiana Vanilla Petites 5/10 Cigars are mouth-watering flavored cigars handcrafted in Dominican Republic. Choicest Dominican tobaccos aged over a period of minimum 2 years find place in these cigars. To cover them up a wrapper from Indonesia in employed. They together create an incredibly smooth mild to medium bodied cigar filled with yummy flavors. Yummy vanilla flavors are incorporated in these cigars making it one of the tastiest treat available in the market. The fragrant aroma captures the senses right from the beginning. These Tatiana Vanilla Petites 5/10 Cigars are made in the size of 3 1/2 x 26. They are available in 10 count 5 tin packs. To buy these awesome flavored cigars place an order at Cuenca Cigars and get the best online price.