Revolutionary New Cigar Cutter SHURIKEN By Cigar Tech available at Cuenca Cigars

Nov 10, 2011

Cuenca Cigars, Hollywood, Florida. November 10th, 2011. Did you ever wonder if there was a way to cut a cigar and never worry about getting bits of tobacco in your mouth? Here is a new cigar cutting technology that does that and more. You may even enjoy smoking short fill cigars. Today we are introducing this new and revolutionary new cigar cutter design from Cigar Tech. They are calling in it: "SHURIKEN" ("blade hidden in the hand"), otherwise known as a Japanese throwing star. The cutter, which looks like a giant capsule, has 6 razor sharp blades inside that cut slits around the top of the cigar. This allows the smoker to control the draw of their cigar by the amount of pressure applied. The new term for this cutting technique is called "I Draw Technology."

The cutter will be available in plastic composite models with a $25.00 SRP, as well as various anodized aluminum models with SRP's ranging from $35.00-$40.00.

Shuriken with I-Draw Technology, allow you to control the cigar's draw. 

How? Shuriken leaves the cap intact, and cuts six razor thin slits around the outside of the cigar. 

Why? Most of a cigar's taste is in the wrapper. By leaving the cap intact, the cigar's flavor intensifies. by cutting slits around the outside, the smoke draws more evenly throughout the entire cigar. This cutting method cools the smoke and redirects it toward the front of the pal;ate where the most pleasant tastes are experienced.

Directions. When cutting with a Shriken, hold the cigar in one hand, push the cigar streight in-slow and steady with the other hand until it stops. You'll need a through cut, but don't crush the cap. Do not twist, wiggle or rotate the cigar. This may cause damage to the cigar and the blades of the cutter.

Your first few draws should include rotating the cigar while while applying slight pressure to open the razor slits to your desired taste. You will now be able to control the draw of your cigar, using this I-Draw technology!

Warnings: Keep out the reach of childrens. Do not insert any body parts. Use care when extracting tobacco from the Shuriken by using tweezers.

You can now buy this cutter from our online store. Follow the link here: SHURIKEN Cigar Cutter. Use this discount code: N5RQ32035O38T during check out to received an additional 10% off and Free Shipping in orders over $99.