Places in Time by John Gillan | Tatuaje at Cuenca Cigars

Mar 30, 2011

"Places In Time" exhibit opening by John Gillan at Cuenca Cigars last Friday, March 25Th, 2011. This collection, composed of Historic Architecture and Landscapes of Miami, was dedicated to the people of Miami, past-present and future. One of the most sensitive and revealing records ever assembled of the richly historic architecture and... landscape...PARTY STARTED @ 8pm.. and here are the results.

Also to the presentation, Steve Hernandez, a Sales Representative of, and among other important Tobacco Distributors, Tatuaje Cigars. He introduced the customers to the new Hit from Tatuaje, "El Triunfador".

Special thanks to Donn Werrbach for taking his time and make this fabulous video for us. To Pathfinders Edk for the original music from this video and, of course, to John and Theresa Gillan for sharing this fantastic exhibit with us.

Thanks for coming and see you on the next one!
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