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Sep 14, 2010

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Perdomo Cigars comes from some powerful Cuban Roots. Everything satred In an municipality located in Cuba and known as San Jose de las Lajas. This area is an agricultural and industrial city that is located at 27 kilometers southeast of Havana. Silvio Perdomo, patriarch of Perdomo Cigars was raised there. His first aproach to tobaccos was at the Cuesta y Cia. in the early 1930’s and later he moved up to the H. Upmann factory from 1937 to 1945; and at the famed Partagas factory until 1959. 

Nick Perdomo, Silvio's son was then born and followed his father into the world of cigars. Perdomo Cigars are now one f the most sought after smokes. Not just because they are exceptional smokes but also the price point put them in a daily smoke! Enjoy Perdomo Cigars Now.