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Jul 29, 2011

Cuenca Cigars in Florida.


It is possible that you have seen John Gillan's photographs before on book covers, as artwork in hotel lobbies and cruise ship cabins, published in magazines and enlarged on billboards. During his 30 year career Gillan has created photography for Anheuser Busch, Royal Carribbean Cruise Line, NCL, Marriot Corporation, Motorolla and Black and Decker and the Photographer of Record for the prestigeous Biltmore Hotel to name a few.

Today, his timeless collections, which have shown in mueseums throughout Florida, are being brought to new audiences. The recent launch of Art and Cigars at Cuenca's Montecristo Lounge is where you can see his work in Hollywood, Florida. 2011 brought an ambitious series of eight exhibitions including Gillan's legacy images featuring historic preservation and aging with dignity and many that are being shown for the first time. The exhibits will run until December 31, 2011.

John Gillan's artwork is available in limited edition for the serious collectior and in open edition too at Gillan is a very active working professional with a passion for shooting architecture and the intimate portrait. He enjoys printing his own work and in days gone by would spend hours upon hours in his darkroom.

You can usually catch John and his business partner, Theresa Jae at the lounge of Friday evenings. You are welcome to stop by to see his work and meet this interesting artist who continues to make his living with his craft.

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