HygroSet Front Mount Adjustable Digital Hygrometer Round

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HygroSet Front Mount Adjustable Digital Hygrometer Round

Never wonder if your digital hygrometer is accurate!

The HygroSet® FM has the same great adjustment features as the HygroSet® I and II but is made specifically for exterior front mount humidors. The HygroSet® FM is capable of being adjusted after calibration. Each click of the adjustment knob changes the humidity display (+ / -) by 1%.

We recommend performing the 75% salt test using Humidipak's One-Step Calibration Kit. Adjust to the correct humidity, press the set button, and your HygroSet® is calibrated and ready to go!


  • Easy-set calibration Instructions.
  • Humidity accuracy +/- 2% from 20% to 90%
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 1 degree (displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • 10 Second refresh rate
  • Button cell battery included 
    Note: The HygroSet® III is specially made just for exterior mount humidor models.


Dimensions (Outside): 1 7/8"Dia. x 1/2"TH