Xikar Rectangular Digital Hygrometer XIKAR


Looking to keep an eye on the humidity of your cigar collection? Look no further than Xikar Rectangular Digital Hygrometer from Cuenca Cigars. A must-have for any aficionado, this digital hygrometer is sleek and modern with its updated design featuring brushed aluminum for a cool look and feel.

The Xikar Digital Hygrometer's Min/Max feature displays the lowest minimum and highest maximum humidity recorded over the life of the battery or until reset, so you can easily see how your collection is faring in real-time. Plus, it has a 10-second refresh rate for up-to-date accuracy. At 2" H x 3.25 W x 0.375" D, this hygrometer is perfect for checking the moisture levels of your most beloved cigars without taking up too much space.

Don't wait - get your hands on the Xikar Rectangular Digital Hygrometer from Cuenca Cigars today! Guaranteed to give you peace of mind and help make sure that your cigars are always stored at optimal humidity levels.