Hollywood Florida | Montecristo Lounge | Grand Opening

Feb 01, 2011

Hollywood Florida | Montecristo Lounge | Grand Opening

On February 25th, 2011 we will be finally doing our “Hollywood Florida Montecristo Lounge” Grand Opening. This will mark Cuenca Cigars friends and family 3rd Year Success. A new era is still to begin with the sponsorship of: 
Altadis USA, the biggest Tobacco Manufacturer and Distributor of the Contemporary world. Thanks for all the support!

Cuenca Cigars also wants to thanks our 3 Club Member Sponsors and Committee. (There is still an opportunity to become a sponsor, so if you are interested call and we give you the details. 866-417-9454)

Sylvain Van Embden, C.E.O. Timeless Destinations, LLC, operating from its offices in North Miami Beach, Florida, has been appointed the Managing Travel Partner for Jazz Cruises, LLC - producers of the only full-ship charters in the world dedicated to live jazz music. Timeless Destinations LLC possesses more than 40 years of experience in the travel industry.
• The Jazz Cruise –
• The Smooth Jazz Cruise –
• The Malt Shop Cruise -

Daniel Martin and David Bennett from Connections for Business. For more than three decades Connections for Business has been dedicated to providing elegant yet affordable solutions to our clients business needs. They take care of the “technical stuff” so our clients can channel their energies in prospering their own business. Combining Cloud Computing with complete Information Technology (IT) and software services, They ARE the IT company for South Florida.

Jorge L. Rodriguez is a qualified Allstate Financial Specialist that offers products that address a broad spectrum of financial objectives from savings and banking products to investment alternatives and a variety of specialized financial coverage.

  • Annuities
  • Education Savings
  • IRAs
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Savings & Banking
  • Supplemental Health Insurance

In the following newsletters we will be portraying our 3 Club Member Sponsors and Committee. Our relationship to them as well as how our history together begins. Still curious? Let see what they like and what they smoke.

Art and Cigars Photo Exibiths is also our new addition to Montecristo Lounge and Cuenca Cigars. Thanks.

jonh-gillan-montecristo-lounge-of-hollywood-florida.jpg   jjgillan-7327crp2.jpg
"Montecristo Lounge" of Hollywood, Florida has a classic,
relaxing and cozy atmosphere that invites everyone.
Montecristo Lounge of Hollywood, Florida Club Members
enjoying Montecristo Cigars.



Want to know more? Joing us for the Opening next February 25th, 2011!