Drew Estate Sales Event Thursday July 29th 2021

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Drew Estate Sales Event

Thursday, July 29th, 2021, come and join us for this magnificent event with the Drew Estate Crew.

By now, we all know about Drew Estate, the cigars, Jonathan Drew, and probably the whole nine yards. There is no need to advertise them, no need to promote them because either way, they hot smoke, and Cigar Aficionados from all parts of the world are looking to smoke what Drew Estate is blending now. Well, the beginning of the road was paved with the now-famous cigars: ACID. A new technique brought to us by Jonathan Drew changes the world of cigars from the bottom up.

Who did not start smoking cigars with some of the deliciously infused Acid Cigars? No, me, but most of my friends did. The Infused cigars are just part of a portfolio of brands made by some of the best master blenders in the Industry. Namely, Willy Herrera and his blends of Herrera Cigars include a flavor profile for every cigar smoker. Also, Joya de Nicaragua Cigars are compound of some excellent cigars Like Unos, Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco, to name a few, not even including Liga Privada T52 9 and the Unicos Series that we can't get enough on our shelves.

Think about all the cigars they are offering to us, and then take a look at some of the best swag you have ever seen. To introduce Undercrown 10th Anniversary, they have put together this amazing event.

Mark your Calendar: Thursday, July 29th, 2021, starting at 5 pm!

Here are the specials we are presenting to you, and also, keep in mind that you can be here without physically being here! We will keep a Virtual Component to this event for those who want to be part of it!

Buy 4 Cigars | get 1 UC 10 Mega Cigar Rest

Offer No 1

Let's keep it simple. When you buy 4 Drew Estate Cigars from the Drew Estate Portfolio and Receive this beautiful handmade Undercrown 10th Anniversary Mega Cigar Rest.

This little cigar art piece will become handy when traveling or visiting the near by friends. With the Germs out there you want to keep your cigars from getting close to anything other than you! Use this opportunity to try some of the ne smokes you haven't try before!

Buy 10 Cigars | get 1 UC 10 Mega Cigar Rest

Offer No 2

Let's just expand a bite more. Now Buy 10 Cigars from the Drew Estate Portfolio and Receive a UC 10 Knife. A formidable piece you will be happy to carry around. Also1 Undercrown Maduro Toro and one Acid 20 Anniversary Robusto

This is an awesome opportunity to get some powerful smokes a allegoric Swag!

Buy A Box of Cigars | get 1 UC 10 Tool Kit plus cigars

Offer No 3

Just getting to the better part of it all! When you buy a Box of your favorite Drew Estate Cigars, make sure to get something tasty like Undercrown Maduro or any of the Joya cigars, then we are talking!

This time the UC 10 Tool Kit comes with an additional 3 excellent smokes.

Buy A Box of Cigars | get 1 UC 10 Tool Kit plus cigars

Offer No 4

Last but better ever Offer. Multi-boxing purchasing qualify you for everything! You get all the swag + 5 Free Cigars

This offer will get even better when you decided to stock up by buying 3+ Boxes because at this time Cuenca Cigars will offer you an additional 20% discount!

Drew Estate | Undercrown Sling Bag

Beautiful Undercrown Sling Bag Free with 2 + Boxes! An offer you dont want to pass!

Undrecrown All Dekk Out | Free with Multi Boxes Purchasing! Only event night

Get this amazing Travel Case Humidor Undercrown 10 Anniversary on the event specials

All Dekk'd Out | Event Sales!

Free with the purchase of 10 or more cigars from Drew Estate Cigars

Undercrown Cigars | A Decade of Dedication

This is a collectible item. Only available at the Event Night! July 27th starting at 5 pm!

Drew estate Cigars | Celebrating Undercrown 10 Anniversary!

A Flag for the love of cigars! Get it free when you buy some of the most amazing Drew Estate Cigars

Drew Estate | Undercrown 10 Cutter

Take home this amazing Undercrown Perfect Cutter. Event only!

All Dekk'd Out | Undercrown Challenge Coin

Undercrown Challenge Coin event only. This is a beautiful Beer opener! For the travelers!