Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood | Fourth Anniversary

Jul 14, 2011

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood Florida is about to celebrate its Fourth Anniversary this coming October. We can’t believe that four years have passed by so quickly, can you?

It has been a long journey in the making. We have gone from a quaint little cigar shop in 2007 to the “2011 Hollywood Hot Spot Winner”. Our four years have been full of interior decorating upgrades, the addition of numerous cigar brands, and tons of new friends. Our friends, which we refer to humbly as the “Cuencaians”, have been offered over the past four years a vast variety of events, art exhibits, fine cigars, and the Florida weather which we all have come to love.

Some key elements have allowed our continued growth. First and foremost, our long lasting relationship with Altadis USA, one of - if not the biggest globally known manufacturer and distributor of fine cigars. The relationship allows for a joint venture through the member's only Montecristo Lounge- the grand opening which we enthusiastically celebrated at the beginning of 2011.

Our second large step was to engage in acquiring corporate sponsors, and so we did. Today, we are proud to have Mr. Sylvain Van Embden from Timeless-Destinations, Mr. Daniel Martin and Mr. David Bennett from Connections for Business, Mr. Jorge L. Rodriguez from Allstate, Mr. Gus Cunningham and Mr. Neal Quinn from Prolexic Technologies, and Mr. Anthony Rolon from World Web Partners. This group of fine people has been an instrumental part of our success and continuous growth. They offer us their business experience and knowledge, which have helped to expand our overall business and vision.

We now had a strong relationship with a global renounced cigar manufacturer and distributor and five (5) key sponsors, so what was next? How about adding to our goal cultural events? And so came the idea of “Art and Cigars”, by artist John Gillan. Mr. Gillan with his 30 years of experience in art and photography has re-awakened our creative side and gotten us to cherish the simple things in life.

This month, we are celebrating his fourth exhibit "Smallwood Store and the Seminoles"; a tribute to the first American people. The monthly exhibits have brought us diversity, new visions as well as many new friends. One of the previous exhibits was "100 - Life at 100 and Beyond", a tribute to the oldest and most often forgotten part of our society, the elderly. This exhibit was a true celebration of life of an inspiring generation.

The next exhibit will be, "Places in Time", a collection of Miami's historic architecture, which brought awareness to the importance of historic preservation.

Every month we celebrate the freedom to smoke fine cigars and we learn about new wines and trendy new beers. We have tried and paired them all with a nice cigar. When it comes to Cigars, wines and beers, the Cuencaians have been enthusiastic learners. Our journey has become a very interesting and always changing one. It has definitely been a learning experience where our friendly clientele has had a very import role. It certainly wouldn't be possible without them.

When it's time for joy, Cuenca Cigars is the perfect match for cigars and friends. This intimate shop and lounge is located in pictorial Downtown Hollywood. It has become a reason for people all around the world to visit Florida and this beautiful town. The Florida weather, the vast selection of cigars and beers, the greatest friends and patrons, the variety of ethnic culture work harmoniously with the surrounding restaurants and shops. All of these elements have made this Fourth Anniversary a reality.

Come down and visit Cuenca Cigars in Downtown Hollywood. Mark your calendar for every third Saturday of the month for ArtWalk. Every week we celebrate, “T.G.I Friday Cuenca's Style”- is a time to celebrate the freedom to smoke cigars. Join us on Facebook "Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood" and “Montecristo Lounge” for a full list of events, including cigar and wine tastings. For a complete gallery of pictures, visit us online at

Our future is full of exciting new ideas. We truly believe in staying ahead of the competition by closely listening to our #1 priority, our customers.

Our motto, "Smoke with the best, put the rest to flame!!".

Truly yours,

Cuenca Cigars
1928 Harrison Street
Hollywood, FL 33020
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