Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood August News

Aug 01, 2011

Cuenca Cigars in Florida.

August 13th, 2011 we will celebrate "My Father Cigars". Visiting us that day: Don Jose "Pepin" Garcia and son Jaime Garcia; Company Representatives: Jose Ortega, John Gonzales, Joaquin Saladrinas. 

Coming on August 20th, 2011 we have Art Walk (3rd Saturday of every month) "Ted Smallwood Store and the Seminole" Exhibit by John Gillan and a live walk thrue by the artist. 

Art & Cigars to open fifht exhibit at Montecristo Lounge of Hollywood, Florida on Friday August 26th, 2011. "An Impression II", Polaroid SX-70 Manipulations by John Gillan. Exhibit will be on display between August 26 - September 26, 2011

Outgoing Events: 

T.G.I. Friday's Cuenca Style (every Friday)

Why should you visit Cuenca Cigars? Here are just a few reasons. The casual atmosphere, a well stocked cigar shop, an outdoor seating, a Montecristo Lounge, plenty of people watching, the friendly clientele, the nearby restaurants, the most welcoming greeting "Hello My Friend" and a suspenders trend Cuenca Cigars as established..... And every night the local ice cream truck stops by with refreshing treats. You can not ask for more. So, make your plans and reserve your space on the municipal parking for a fun night!

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