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Feb 13, 2012


Like everything else around this world of ours, The Cigar industry is changing too. Although the numbers on the industry are still growing, the patterns of consumption of cigars are taken a whole new direction in the United States. The comparison is made to back in the middle 1990s when the imports and sales of premium cigars began to rise dramatically and manufacturers struggled to keep up with demand, leading to industry-wide shortages of raw materials and finished products. The period was marked and the trend accelerated thanks to the establishment of “Cigar Aficionado magazine”.

10 years later, production caught up with demand and the downward side of the cycle of boom and bust began to make itself felt, leading to a shakeout of many of the smaller and weaker upstart manufacturers of boutique premium cigars. Then Government and State Tobacco Taxes, price increased went too far, then on the early 2000’s most of cigar advocates and smokers could not keep on with the prices. Then recession time came along creating another downside to the industry. It took some time to so aficionados could figure it out how to deal with the new era and of course the massive exodus of "quitters" started and almost finished with the small retail tobacco shops.

But gracious and smart people came out with new ideas. Some manufactures freak out and started increasing prices, others decided to do the opposite. Altadis, Fuentes Newman and Tabacalera Perdomo started creating promotions and events to support the retailers and product innovations and reasonable prices without compromising in quality.

It has passed some time since then. Some retailers like Cuenca Cigars become very aggressive with the On Site Events Promotions. Facebook comes to life for the small businesses, as a savor, with a lot of great tools that allowed them to promote their business in this new era using the trends without having to overspend money in the traditional advertisement. Then twitter, Google Plus and many other Social Medias that help the voice to be heard without losing your short while doing it. So, we stayed put and smiled to everyone and decided to stay in business.

So, 2012 is here and we have learned that loyalty is a three way street, yes three, Manufacturers and distributors must support the retailers via quality products and fair prices, tobacco shops must be fair applying margin and good services with innovated perks to the customers and customers will continue to buy and visit in return.

The cigar world is and exciting and fun industry, but everybody must play the role accordingly to keep it a life.

This is what this Cigar Tasting Event is all about. We have been for four years selling our House Blend and have received a lot of great feedback from our local customers. We have decided to go online to let everybody to be able to try it out. All you need to do is to subscribe to our newsletter, once you in great chances you will win Free Cigar. What you need to do once you receive it: Smoke and give us a feedback in our Online store. Here is the Link, after you get redirected to the Online Product, choose the Review Tab and write up a simple statement about the cigar. If you like it, chances are you will become a Cuenca Happy smoker!

We at Cuenca are playing ours and expected that your plays yours too. Smile, relax and enjoy your smoke!!!! ........

Note: Some restrictions apply.

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