Certificado de los Maestros Tour by John Gillan

Certificado de los Maestros Tour by John Gillan

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Apr 09, 2014

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Last Wednesday, April 2, 2014, the folks at Altadis, Tabacalera de Garcia and Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood got together to launch a new and more impressive event format called "Certificado de los Maestros" Tour. A unique and master way to give the customers a different point of view.

Hosted by Siegfried P. Maruschke, Leaf Specialist from Santiago Dominican Republic and Javier Elmudesi, Factory Manager - Tabacalera de Garcia.

Certificado de los Maestros Tour was intended to be a very unique learning event experience where customers learned what's going on behind the scene: the tobacco growing and production process, while relaxing, smoking a Puro and pairing ‘it' with an exquisite drink of our choice.

Customers had the opportunity to chat with industry proficient, knowledgable and experienced masters: Siegfried P. Maruschke and Javier Elmudesi. Q&A sessions were conducted at the end of each session. At the end of the event, the attendants received a "Certificate de los Maestros" signed by the Maestros from Tabacalera de Garcia.

Event happens in a week day and we, at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood were a little worried about this. We usually launch our events on the weekends. The attendance to the event was extremely great that the class had to be divided in three different sessions. Over 100 people got their certificated that night.

This is probably the greatest event that had happened in South Florida ever. We still receiving letters, emails from the customers showing appreciation for the excellence of this event.

Here is how our dear friend John Gillan Photography captured all the special moments of this event.

Thank you to all our friends from Altadis USA for thinking of us. Special thanks to: Javier Johansson, Javier Elmudesi, Rob Maneson, Brad Winstead, Susan Georgiou, Carolina Boring, Jose Maria Fernandez, Jill Meyers, Janelle Rosenfeld, Tim Person.

Last but not less: Thanks to our loyal clientele for always supporting us and for all you kind messages of support. Lets do it again. Let's go with the Certificate of Maestros Master Series 2015! Stay tuned!

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