Bugatti Vulcan Silk Red Wine / Matte Gunmetal - Dual Torch Lighter


Bugatti Vulcan Silk Red Wine/Matte Gunmetal Dual Torch Lighter may just be the most sophisticated lighter you'll ever put your hands on. Built from solid metal with modern touch and finishing techniques, this two torch lighter looks as stunningly refined as it feels cold-in-hand. Becoming an instant favorite of cigar connoisseurs and aficionados alike, this windproof flame is fit for cigars, pipes, and more. Plus, its easily reloadable with Bugatti's revolutionary gas pod replacement system—simply pop out the empty one and pop a new one in! As if all of this convenience wasn't enough, get three stage adjustable angle to customize your lighting experience further. Fire up in style with Bugatti Vulcan's Dual Torch Lighter!