Bugatti Mirage Silk Red Wine / Matte Gunmetal - Dual Torch Lighter


The Bugatti Mirage Silk Red Wine / Matte Gunmetal dual torch lighter is the perfect combination of unique style and top-notch performance. This luxurious smoke accessory is crafted from solid die-cast metals with exquisite finishing techniques, giving it a premium weight and cold feel in your hand. With windproof twin torch flames, you can light any cigar or other type of fire quickly and efficiently — just pop a new pod of butane refill into the easy-to-install holder for endless usage. Never worry about tools again when you need to replace the burner unit either, for this impressive lighter comes with two replacement units and an easy-to-use screw ring — all in one! Get ready to impress with any Bugatti Mirage Silk Red Wine Torch Lighter in hand. It's sure to bring any smoking session to life with its eye-catching design and ultra reliable performance.