Vegas del Purial by el Galan Cigars: Flavor You Won't Forget

Vegas del Purial by el Galan Cigars: Flavor You Won't Forget

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 08, 2019

Vegas del Purial by el Galan Cigars: Flavor You Won't Forget

El Galan Launching Vegas del Purial in October | Cuenca Cigars

The Vegas del Purial cigar will take your smoking experience to the next level.

An aficionado will appreciate its balance and craftsmanship. If you're new to cigars, pulling out one of these sticks will make you look like a pro.

The el Galan brand is all about creating a superior product. You'll notice and appreciate the time and passion that went into this cigar.

Looking for a cigar that will light your fire? Here's why you should try the Vegas del Purial by el Galan Cigars for a flavor you won't forget!

The Background

Felix A. Mesa runs el Galan Cigars, but three generations before him have all worked in the tobacco industry. Today, Felix farms his tobacco in Esteli, Nicaragua, but his family began farming in the central region of Cuba.

The concept of family is very important to the el Galan Cigars brand. The term "el Galan" means gentlemen, which was Felix's grandfather's nickname in Cuba. He was always dressed sharply with a cigar in his front shirt pocket.

Felix pays further homage to his Cuban ancestors with the Vegas del Purial cigar. Named for his paternal grandparents' farm, Felix hopes to honor their legacy with this cigar.

The el Galan Cigars brand works to create a product that appeals to a sophisticated smoker. They've certainly achieved that with this cigar.

The Quick Stats

The Vegas del Purial is a cigar that shows a high level of craftsmanship.

It comes in four sizes, Robusto, Belicoso, Lancero, and Super Toro. The small gauged Lancero is a less popular roll these days. However, the quality of the Vegas del Purial really shines in this size.

The wrapper is Equadorian Sumatra, and both the filler and binders are Nicaraguan. Each box comes with a count of 20 cigars, averaging between 8.90 and 10 dollars a stick.

This medium to full-bodied cigar was launched in October of 2018.

The Smoking Experience

Despite the wrapper being light and thin, this cigar is packed tightly. The wrapper itself gives off a sweet and earthy scent. It's laid delicately, with very little veining.

An off-white band with the el Galan crest finishes off this elegant cigar.

After you cut the cap and take in that first cold draw, you'll notice notes of cashew, pepper, and honey.

Once you light up, you'll notice some vanilla and pine notes. The burn line is very thin but slightly wavy. The overall taste is balanced, yet complex.

This cigar is well priced for the quality and isn't harsh or nicotine-heavy. That's why the Vegas del Purial is the perfect cigar to add to your regular rotation.

Try a Vegas del Purial by el Galan Cigars

The Vegas del Purial shows a level of craftsmanship every smoker will enjoy. Felix and his team at el Galan Cigars have certainly done the legacy of his grandfather proud.

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(:1f3a1:) Who makes Vegas del Purial Gran Reserva?

These are handmade Nicaraguan cigars by Felix A. Mesa. These cigars are made with a higher level of craftsmanship using aged Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Vegas del Purial is his paternal grandparents' farm in Cuba, Felix hopes to honor their legacy with this cigar.

(:1f44c:)Are vegas del purial cigars received any cigar ratings?

The line was launched in October, 2018. The cigar is a tribute to parental grandparents Felipe and Caridad who grew tobacco is Las Villas, Cuban Province. These cigars are considered some of the best Nicaraguan hand-rolled.

✌️What should I expect from Felix Mesa cigars?

Felix A. Mesa is known by his "Semilla Cubana". He has been growing tobacco in Nicaragua for at least 10 years. His most known lines are considered some of the best budget cigars with a high quality of craftsmanship. To try some of the best cigars from Mesa we have compiled a best cigar sampler with all the cigars in the spectrum.