Top 10 Best Honduran Cigars. Mild-Strongest Cigars for every day

Top 10 Best Honduran Cigars. Mild-Strongest Cigars for every day

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Sep 12, 2020

Do you know why Honduran tobacco is considered to be of superior quality?

Honduran tobacco is renowned for its high quality and distinctive flavor, making it a popular choice among cigar aficionados. Grown in the fertile soils of Honduras, this type of tobacco is primarily used to create premium hand-rolled cigars, boasting complex and smooth flavors that are preferred by many experienced smokers.

With its mild-medium strength and unique aroma, Honduran tobacco is sure to give your next smoke an unforgettable experience. Get it now while supplies last! Make your cigar stand out with the finest smoked Honduran tobacco available. Try it today and enjoy its amazing taste.

The city of Danli and the Jamastran Valley, located in El Paraiso, produce cigars in Honduras, close to the Nicaraguan border is known for its tobacco production.


Maya Selva Flor de Selva is the perfect cigar for those just getting started in the world of premium cigar smoking. The Maya Selva line has a wide range of cigars to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect one for any novice smoker. For beginners, the Flor de Selva is an ideal choice. This mild to medium-bodied cigar has a smooth, creamy taste that lingers on the palate. The sweet flavor of this cigar is perfect for those just starting out and looking to explore the world of cigars. Don't wait any longer! Try the Flor de Selva today and discover why Maya Selva continues to be one of the top names in handmade cigars. Experience the full flavor of premium cigar smoking with this excellent choice! Get your Flor de Selva today and enjoy the perfect smoke.Maya Selva Flor de Selva

Aladino Cameroon

Aladino Cameroon is a medium-bodied cigar with a robust and savory flavor profile. The cigar is lovingly crafted from handpicked Habano Criollo 98 wrapper leaf grown in Ecuador's volcanic soil, which lends the cigar its unique and complex flavor. This wrapper leaf is then paired with an exquisite blend of aged Nicaraguan long-fillers. The result is a smooth, flavorful smoke that is sure to satisfy the palate. Aladino Cameroon is perfect for those looking for a classic and full bodied cigar experience. Whether you are an experienced smoker or just getting started in premium cigars, Aladino Cameroon should be on your must-try list. Go ahead and grab a box of Aladino Cameroon today and experience the full-bodied flavor that only this exquisite cigar can provide. Get your Aladino Cameroon now and enjoy the perfect smoke!

Aladino Cameroon

CLE Habano Honduran

The CLE Habano Honduran is an exquisite medium to full-bodied cigar that will tantalize the taste buds of any aficionado. Crafted with a seamless Honduran Habano wrapper, this unique cigar has a complex flavor profile and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. The wrapper is grown in Honduras's humid climate, which lends the cigar its sweet and peppery notes. The core of this cigar is composed of aged Nicaraguan tobacco that delivers a smooth yet full-bodied smoke. Experience why the CLE Habano Honduran is one of the most unforgettable blends with a perfectly balanced strength and complexity in its flavor profile. Give it a try today!

CLE Habano Honduran

Asylum 13 Corojo

Asylum 13 Corojo is an exquisite cigar that blends a rich tobacco core with notes of refreshing citrus for a unique and unforgettable tasting experience. The complex blend of Nicaraguan Corojo and Habano tobaccos provides an array of sweet, spicy, and earthy flavors. The wrapper is a beautiful, dark leaf grown in Honduras that further enhances the cigar's flavor profile. For those looking for something bold and flavorful, Asylum 13 Corojo is a must-try. Get your hands on this extraordinary blend today and enjoy the perfect smoke!

Asylum 13 Corojo

Alec & Bradley Blind Faith

Alec & Bradley Blind Faith is a very tasty medium strength, that produce a full-bodied smoke. Its flavor profile is well balanced, with a peppery and woodsy start that gives way to a rich blend of savory, sweet, and spicy flavors. The blend itself consists of a Honduran Habano wrapper leaf paired with aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. The combination creates a unique, delectable flavor that will please any cigar lover. Whether you're an experienced smoker or just getting started in the world of premium cigars, Blind Faith from Alec & Bradley should be your go-to choice when looking for something unforgettable. Get your hands on this amazing blend today and experience what premium cigar smoking should be! Don't wait any longer and get your Alec & Bradley Blind Faith today! Enjoy the perfect smoke.

Alec & Bradley Blind Faith

Oscar Valladares SuperFly

Oscar Valladares SuperFly cigars are a truly unique and unforgettable smoking experience. Crafted with a dark Mexican San Andrés wrapper, this cigar will tantalize any aficionado's taste buds. The exquisite wrapper leaf grown in Mexico's volcanic soil lends the cigar its rich flavor profile of sweet, peppery, and earthy notes. Inside the wrapper is a blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos that provides a full-bodied smoke with hints of coffee, cedar, and spice throughout. Get your Oscar Valladares SuperFly today and enjoy the perfect smoke! Don't hesitate and get yours now for an unforgettable smoking experience. Enjoy the perfect smoke with Oscar Valladares SuperFly today! Don't wait any longer and get yours now! Enjoy the perfect smoke with Oscar Valladares SuperFly today!

Oscar Valladares SuperFly

Punch Diablo

Punch Diablo is an exquisite cigar blend that offers the perfect balance between indulgent and spicy flavors. Crafted with a unique four-country recipe, this complex blend features a delectable San Andrés Mexican wrapper leaf paired with select Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican tobaccos. The combination creates an unforgettable smoking experience of coffee, cocoa, and spice with a hint of sweetness. Get your Punch Diablo now and enjoy the perfect smoke! Don't hesitate and get yours today for an unforgettable smoking experience. Enjoy the perfect smoke with Punch Diablo! Don't wait any longer and get yours now! Enjoy the perfect smoke with Punch Diablo today!

Punch Diablo

Rocky Patel Vintage Series 1999

The Rocky Patel Vintage Series 1999 Connecticut is a must-have for any cigar aficionado. Featuring a stunning golden wrapper, this cigar combines 7-year-old Connecticut leaf with 8-year-old Dominican and Nicaraguan long-leaf ligeros to provide a mild yet complex smoking experience. Handcrafted by the renowned cigar maker Rocky Patel, the 1999 Connecticut is truly one of a kind. Don’t let this remarkable cigar pass you by—get your Rocky Patel Vintage Series 1999 Connecticut today!

Rocky Patel Vintage Series 1999

Tatascan by JRE Tobaccos

Tatascan Cigars are a high-quality cigar brand made by JRE Cigars SA, a renowned cigar manufacturer. Made with great care and attention to detail, Tatascan Cigars have a smooth taste and come in a variety of blends using only Honduran tobacco, making them a Honduran Puro. The logo features a hat, which is a reference to Boss Head (the Eiroa father). Do not miss out on the chance to enjoy an exceptional smoking experience and order your Tatascan Cigars today!

Tatascan by JRE Tobaccos

Camacho Connecticut

The Camacho Connecticut cigar is of high quality and perfect for those who enjoy exquisite cigars. Its unique aroma, made possible by the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, is sure to delight even the most selective of tastes. The cigar's flavor profile is enhanced by an authentic Corojo binder, and the blending of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos make it a must-try for any cigar lover. Don't miss out on the Camacho Connecticut experience!

Camacho Connecticut

Top 10 Best Honduran Cigars | Mild to Strongest Cigars for every day smoke

(:1f937:) Are you a cigar lover searching for the best Honduran cigars?

Well, if your answer to these questions is yes then you have come to the right place. Once you enter in the cigar world and become a cigar lover, the next step is to differentiate the different regions that are in charge of the best cigars. You will fine some of the best Honduran cigars are also the best budget cigars as well as the cigars under $10.

(:1f937:)Is Maya Selva Flor de Selva a honduran Cigar?

Flor De Selva is one of the softest cigars by Maya Selva is originated from Honduras. Once it was declared the world’s best cigar by a French magazine L'Amateur de Cigare. The cigars were initially available for the consumers in 1995. While its uniqueness is featuring the distinctive tobacco in the binder and filler of its various Vitolas. Further, it is blended with the flavors of Cedars, wood, and dried fruits. In the USA, it is available in the following different sizes.

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(:1f937:)What Makes Aladino Cameroon a best Honduran Cigar?

Aladino Cameroon is the product of one of the famous brands Aladino of JRE Tobacco. It is a cigar of medium strength that consists of Cameroon Seeds wrapper grown in Jamastran Valley in Honduras. It is also worth mentioning that originally Cameroon tobacco is the product of the Central Africa Nation, however, Kings of Corojo tobacco Justo & Julio Eiroa have brought a new Cameron tobacco grown in jamastran valley in Honduras. But they have used the original seeds of Africa. Moreover, this handmade cigar fetches you the sweetness, spice, and strength of Corojo in the fillers. All this makes of the Aladino Cameroon some of the best Honduran Cigar.

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(:1f937:)Where Asylum 13 Corojo comes from?

Asylum 13 Corojo is another innovation of the Eiroa family. No doubt, this family has all the knowledge and experience in the world to use Honduran Tobacco leaves and they have crafted it with perfection. After the successful release of Asylum 13 Habano, Christian Eiroa introduced this new cigar using authentic Corojo seed. It is one of the favorite Honduran cigars as well as the strongest cigars and a choice of famous cigar smokers. While they have indicated that this cigar fetches you the tastes of brown sugar, red pepper, and lemon zest as well as the cocoa aroma. The following sizes are available for this amazing cigar.

However, it is also available in large Cigar sizes like 6 x 80, 7 x 70, 8 x 80, 8 x 60 x 70, and 6 x 70. It is also one of the best cigars under $10. So, if you are interested then you can buy online from Cuenca Cigars.

(:1f937:)What Alec & Bradley Blind Faith stands for?

Alec & Bradley Blind Faith is not just the name of cigars but it is also a tale of love. While Alec and Bradley both are the sons of Alan Rubin who had a huge love for making cigars, and he transferred it to his sons. On the base of this knowledge and experience, his sons introduced their first premium cigar that is Alec & Bradley Blind Faith. They have blended this with Criollo '98 & Corojo '99 as well as the cigars consisting of a wrapper from Honduran’s Trojes region. The following sizes of this cigar are available.

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(:1f937:)Is Oscar Valladares SuperFly a strongest cigar?

Oscar Valladares Super Fly is another tasty handmade cigar, also one of the strongest cigars. It consists of rich smokes with Mexican San Andrés wrapper over Honduran binding and premium fillers from Honduras. While this cigar fetches you the complex flavors of earth, herbs, spices, and dark vanilla sweetness the smoke tends to be smooth. Moreover, this under $10 cigar is available in the following sizes.

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(:1f937:)Why Punch Diablo is considered a famous cigar smokers?

Punch Diablo is one of the best choices of famous cigar smokers. No doubt, it is a masterpiece of Master Blender AJ Fernandez. He has done almost everything to make it perfect. That’s why Punch Diablo has got 93 rating points from critics. Moreover, there are three lines of Vitolas placed with perfection and possesses dark brown Ecuador Sumatra Oscuro wrapper. These amazing cigars also consist of aged fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. It has the following sizes available.

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(:1f937:) Are Rocky Patel cigars among the famous cigar brands?

Rocky is one of the most famous premium cigar industry brands in the world. Their vintage series 90 and 92 enjoyed huge success and there was no market competition against it. Therefore, they launched Rocky Patel Vintage Series 1999 and it has also got a victory success. Moreover, these cigars are made by blending the seven years aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco. Vintage 1999 also showcases the oldest Connecticut shade-grown wrapper on the market. While the flavors it fetches are of cream, butter, and nuts. The following sizes of Vintages 1999 are available.

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(:1f937:)Is Tatascan wrapped into Authentic Corojo?

The Eiroa family has a special love for Honduran cigars. They grow in various Honduran tobacco regions and produce some of the most savory Honduran Puro. Christian Eiroa introduced Asylum 13 Corojo and this time his father and brother Julio and Justo Eiroa stood up and they blended Tatascan after founding their independent company. The filler they used is Habano and authentic Corojo tobacco and wrapped it using shade-grown wrapper leaf. While the flavors you can experience are cedar, pepper, a subtle hint of citrus, and dark roasted coffee, caramel, etc. Its available sizes are the following.

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(:1f937:)Are the Camacho Connecticut Cigars for beginners?

Camacho Connecticut is one of the top Honduran cigars, cigar for smokers of any age (21+) whether you are an amateur smoker or cigar aficionado, but most likely, they are cigars for beginners. Moreover, the fillers used in it are from Honduras, while authentic Connecticut is its binder. It is one of the best Honduran cigars made using an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Undoubtedly, every puff in this cigar can give you a feeling of satisfaction from this Honduran tobaccos. The available sizes are the following.

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Is CLE Habano Honduran an enjoyable cigar?

Considered one of the most enjoyable cigar, CLE Habano Honduran is for you. It has an excellent collection of flavors that can relax your soul as well as excite your taste buds. Though this cigar has a medium strength, yet it fetches you the spicy flavor as well as leather, and cashews. Moreover, this cigar features a seamless Honduran Habano wrapper plus top Honduran long fillers. These handmade cigars are available in the following sizes.

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Can I buy a cigars sampler containing somne of the best Honduran Cigars?

Sure. Cuenca Cigars has brought to you the list of the Top 10 Honduran Cigars and created this amazing Cigar Sampler for you. So, if you're a cigar lover and find it tough to choose the best one or you do not know which one is soft, medium-strong, or full-strong. Then this list will help you a lot.