This is Why You Need a Cigar Humidor

This is Why You Need a Cigar Humidor

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 07, 2018

Any cigar aficionado will tell you that a cigar humidor is an essential part of your cigar collection. Here's why you need one to store and age cigars.

Do you love smoking cigars? If so, you need the right accessories!

Whether you enjoy a cigar only once in a while or making it a part of your daily routine, a cigar humidor can be a great investment. That's because these humidity-controlled boxes keep your cigars fresh and ensure you're having the best smoke.

Read on to learn about why you need a humidor for storing your cigars!

Preserve Moisture in Your Cigars

high-quality cigar is hand-rolled with tobacco that's wrapped in tobacco leaves.

Since tobacco is a plant, each one has varying levels of moisture in them. But high-end cigars are known for the quality of the tobacco in them. In order to have the best smoking experience with a cigar, it must be moist.

By using a humidor, you can better control the moisture in your cigars. That's because when a cigar is kept out of a controlled environment, it's more susceptible to being dried out. This can make even high-quality tobacco taste bad and affect your experience.

By preserving the moisture in your cigar, it helps keep the full flavor and makes it smoother as you smoke.

Age Your Cigars

When you own a humidor, you can take advantage of buying cigars and allowing them to age before smoking them.

But why is an aged cigar a better smoke?

By aging your cigars, you allow the flavor to settle after transporting it. When a cigar is transported from a shop to your home, they have likely experienced some temperature change.

When you place a cigar in your humidor and let it sit for a few days, this gives it an opportunity to regain its original chemistry.

Show Off a Level of Sophistication

When you own a cigar humidor, it shows other people that you have a certain level of sophistication as a cigar smoker.

A humidor where you store cigars sends a message that you are somewhat of a cigar aficionado. It also means you understand that it's important to take care of your cigars.

It can also be a talking piece for you and your guests. After all, there are many different kinds of humidors, but most are made out of a high-quality wood called Spanish Cedar. These are often built by hand and they can be quite uniquely designed.

Get a Cigar Humidor for the Ultimate Smoking Experience

A cigar humidor is a great way to protect the investment you make in your cigars.

By controlling the temperature where your cigars are stored, it ensures that both you and your guests will have a nice smoke and thoroughly enjoy all the tobacco flavors.

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