The Journey of “Cuenca 5 Anniversary” Part II

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 27, 2013

And the Cuenca 5 Anniversary cigar journey keeps the flames on. Right after our Journey Part One we continued to receive more reviews and press releases about the new cigar. We are almost getting ready for our next trip to Nicargua to work closelly with AJ Fernandez in the production on more sizes. Keep an eye on the media since we will be realizing the cigars to the Blog comunity as soon as we get them in. I hope you have the time to see all the videos and reviews. If not, you just need to smoke one to review it yourself.

Here is the list of Blogs that reviewed Cuenca 5 Anniversary after the first publication. We have a very interesting perspetive for many different cigar experts and also videos and much more. 

  • Scoth Smith from February 18, 2013. Read Review.
  • Mikes from February 20, 2013: View Video
  • Ileana Graibe from Cigar Tasting and More February 21, 2013: Read Review. (Ileana Graybe) 
  • Mikko Eriksson from WORLD OF CIGARS February 23, 2013. Read Review.
  • Tim Rollins from Tinytimblog March 3, 2013: View Video or Read Review.

Also this Blogs have advertised upcoming reviews, so stay in touch. 


Author: Ana Cuenca