The Island Jim San Andres Cigar: An Old, Trusted Favorite.

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 06, 2019

The Island Jim San Andres Cigar: An Old, Trusted Favorite.

If you know anything about cigars, there's a good chance you've heard the name Island Jim. If you haven't, it's time to get educated.

Island Jim is the enigmatic figure behind the Leaf by Oscar cigar brand. He's known for his perpetual beach-ready attire, sporting a hat, sunglasses, and shorts no matter where he goes. Basically, he looks like a guy you'd want to smoke a cigar and have a beer with.

But his look isn't just a clever gimmick. Island Jim puts out genuinely unique, high-quality cigars that think outside the box.

The new Island Jim #2 San Andres is no exception. Here's what you need to know about Jim's awesome new cigar.

The Island Jim San Andres is a Modern Classic

There's a lot to unpack with the San Andres. This is a follow up to the first Island Jim #2 that was released a few years back. Cigar fans found a lot to love in it, and they won't be disappointed by the sequel.

The San Andres retains the originals clever shape. Ever the clever one, Island Jim designed this #2 to quite literally take on the shape of a #2 pencil.

With an unfinished, shaggy foot that looks like an eraser and a two-tone, open stunted cap designed to look like the tip of a pencil, there's nothing conventional about the San Andres.

While the #2 title is generally applied to the world's most sought after and sophisticated cigars, the San Andres manages to provide that same quality while also poking lighthearted fun at the more refined corners of cigar culture.

Island Jim's creativity doesn't just stop at the cigar itself. The box is beautifully designed tropical eye candy. Bearing the visage of Island Jim himself along with bright blues and reds woven into delightful tropical flower designs, the box and cigar are equally pleasing in design.

Let's get into the content of the cigar itself. The blend is much the same as the last Island Jim #2, but this time it utilizes an oily San Andres wrapper with a strip of Ecuador Connecticut tobacco at the cap.

The San Andres features a light pack, invisible seams, and a mild-medium bodied smoke on first light. You'll notice notes of cayenne and dry earth.

Once it reachers wrapper and binder, it shifts to a more medium-full body. Here, you'll start to notice hints of black pepper, deep earth, charred oak, and mountain pine.

The whole cigar will last you about an hour, with no changes past the halfway point. A consistent and exciting smoke the whole way through, the San Andres is a well-crafted and delightful cigar with a surprisingly complex flavor profile.

Aficionados will find plenty to love here, but those new to the cigar game will find just as much. All in all, this is a complex but pleasing experience through and through.

Don't Stop Here

The Island Jim San Andres is a phenomenal cigar sure to please beginners and veterans alike. But if you find yourself among the former group, there's a lot you still need to learn about the cigar game. If you want to stay up to date and learn all there is to know about cigars, read on!