The Essential Guide to Alec Bradley Cigars

The Essential Guide to Alec Bradley Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 01, 2022

The Essential Guide to Alec Bradley Cigars

Did you know that the cigar was allegedly invented by the Mayans during the 10th century? The ancient Mayans would wrap tobacco in a plantain or palm leaf and smoke it. A pot from the 900s depicting a man puffing on an early cigar was found by archaeologists.

Cigars have evolved over the years, increasing in popularity worldwide. Smoking a cigar is considered to be a status symbol and part of pop culture. Many brands have skyrocketed over recent years, including Alec Bradley Cigars. 

Whether you've never heard of Alec Bradley before or are a fan of their product, the story behind the popular brand is worth knowing. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about the history of Alec Bradley Cigars. 

The Story of Alec Bradley Cigars

Alec Bradley Cigars got founded by Alan Rubin in 1996. The name of the company comes from the names of Rubin's children. Rubin was the son of a hardware supplies importer. 

Rubin launched Alec Bradley Cigars at the end of the 1990s cigar boom. When he first started the company, Rubin didn't know anything about cigars. However, he was passionate about them. 

His drive encouraged Rubin to invest himself in something he loved. A few years after the company launched, the cigar boom started to decline. The cigar industry was struggling to stay relevant and alive. 

Rubin had previously been positioning Alec Bradley Cigars as the ideal after-dinner or golf course cigar. In 2000, the company connected with Ralph Montero. Montero is a cigar industry professional. 

Together, they pivoted the company's approach, carving out a niche and selling his cigars to tobacco shops

The brand broke into a broader market in 2007 when it introduced its "Tempus" line. The company started selling around two to three million cigars each year. Alec Bradley Cigars is currently based in Hollywood, Florida. 

In 2011, the "Prensado" cigar was voted to the number one spot by Cigar Aficionado Magazine. This award helped increase the popularity of the company. 

Types of Alec Bradley Cigars

Alec Bradley Cigars offers premium, high-quality cigars. Each cigar is made from the finest tobacco  available on the market. 


The company had seen some success with earlier cigar launches, such as the Maxx and the Occidental Reserve. As we mentioned earlier, the Tempus is what shot Alec Bradley Cigars into stardom.

The Tempus was the company's first full-bodied cigar. It showcased the blending talents of the cigar-making team. 

Some of the features of the Tempus include:

  • Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos
  • Aged Honduran leaf wrapper
  • Notes of coffee, earth, pepper, and almonds

The  Tempus remains a must-have choice for any cigar aficionado

Magic Toast

The Magic Toast cigar was imagined in the middle of the night by Rubin and his team. They were out in a field looking at a special tobacco crop. After reviewing the crop, they knew that it was going to create an amazing cigar. 

As the Alec Bradley Cigars team cheered and celebrated, they named the future cigar "Magic Toast."

The cigar incorporates a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco and binders. It also features an oily and dark Honduran wrapper. You'll notice hints of earth, coffee, and pepper throughout the cigar. 

Black Market

Cigar smokers have been looking for full-flavored and bodied experiences during the past decade. The Black Market showcases the flavors that modern cigar lovers are looking for. It's a bold blend of tobaccos that are packaged and named creatively. 

The Black Market is made with Honduran tobaccos and filler from Panama. The binder is a rich and dark Sumatra leader. The cigar's wrapper is a zest Nicaraguan leaf. 

The complex flavors give the cigar a full-bodied flavor. You'll notice some of the following tastes:

  • Coffee beans
  • Cocoa
  • Pepper
  • Sweet


The Prensado is the cigar that catapulted Alec Bradley Cigars into being an iconic cigar manufacturer. The Prensado is the only Honduran cigar that was named Cigar of the Year. 

The cigar includes Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. It also features Honduran Corojo tobacco from the family's farm. You'll taste hints of cocoa, spice, and leather. 

The Prensado is a full-bodied and well-rounded cigar. It's been one of the top-selling cigars for over 10 years. 

Blind Faith 

Alec Bradley Cigars was named after Rubin's two sons. They spent some time working for their father's company before stepping out on their own. The Blind Faith Cigar was the first project the Rubin boys did themselves. 

The cigar features three filler tobaccos. The tobacco gets sourced from the Esteli region in Nicaragua. 

A double binder from Nicaragua and Honduras is used with this cigar. It also includes a wrapper from the family's farm in Honduras. 

The flavors of Blind Faith are very complex. You'll notice hints of nuts, earth, and pepper in the cigar. 

1633 Connecticut 

The 1633 Connecticut cigar has a medium flavor. The flavor is less harsh than other Connecticut cigars. 

The filler tobaccos hail from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama. The binder is from Costa Rica and has an Ecuador, Connecticut wrapper. 

The premium 1633 Connecticut cigar features an expansive flavor profile. Some prominent tastes include:

  • Pepper
  • Earth
  • Wood
  • Caramel 

The smoke from the cigar gets creamier as you smoke it. When you get part of the way through the cigar, you'll start to pick up hints of leather, tea, and a bit of sweetness. 

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While Alec Bradley Cigars might've had a rocky start, the company overcame its obstacles. They created distinct flavors that soon became favorites of cigar aficionados everywhere. Every cigar connoisseur should have a collection of Alec Bradley Cigars in their humidor. 

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