The Best o Nada: Carlito's in the House this coming Friday!

The Best o Nada: Carlito's in the House this coming Friday!

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 20, 2020

The Best o Nada: Carlito's in the House this coming Friday!

#TheBestoNada: Carlito's in the House.

Carlito Fuente Jr., the third generation of Arturo Fuente Cigars and the creator of one of the most sought after Opus X cigars, is visiting Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood Florida this coming Friday, February 21, 2020. 

The visit is a gathering with his Cuenca Family and an opportunity to show his support to the Brick and Mortar Cigar Stores across the USA!

Carlito Fuente Jr. is a true believer of the American Dream and a fighter for small family business rights! Recently our industry has been the objective of an attack by the over-regulatory FDA requirements, and Arturo Fuente Cigar Company and J.C Newman have been the leaders on this fight!

Big Tobacco Corporations in our neighborhood are playing games trying to destroy an industry based on love, passion, also the tenacity and hard work for generations of tobacco makers and retailers. We stand together to keep our rights intact and welcome them to join in our all-inclusive campaign.

To preserve what he has fought for over 100 years of hard family work, Carlito has always shown his support to the mom and pop cigar families that have made the Cigar Industry what it is today.

This event is a night you don't want to miss out. Carlos Carlito Fuente Jr., the one who's the unique passion for our industry, is above it all and the one who represents the traditions, the love, the passion, and the spiritualism of the cigar making, he will be here with us! Talking to us all and sharing his experiences, giving love, and reassuring he is here to stay.

It's not about cigars; it's about people and love!

Do you want to find out more? See you there at 7 pm!