The Art of Cigars: How to Appreciate Premium Cigars

The Art of Cigars: How to Appreciate Premium Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 06, 2023

Not many people understand that a good cigar is like a good glass of wine. Some nuances need to be appreciated. Otherwise, you won't have the chance to see what makes a good cigar, thus have the educated opinion to  make the right choice.

But how can you evaluate a premium cigars? What factors should you consider when smoking a fine cigar? Keep reading and learn more about how to appreciate and smoke a cigar. 

The Intensity

The first thing you should learn to appreciate is the intensity of the cigar. There are mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars. Mild cigars are made from particular types of tobacco. 

These cigars are usually light in color, flavor, and aroma. These are ideal for beginners as they do not pack much of a punch. But they also do not have all the flavors of a cigar of greater intensity. 

Mild cigars are crafted with simpler tobacco leafs . Medium-bodied cigars have a more complex taste and body, the blend of leafs is more selected and mature. The intensity is still easy enough for beginners to tolerate. 

You can feel the intensity in your taste buds and nostrils  when you taste a cigar like this. It will have a fuller and more robust feel compared to mild cigars. This makes it easier to experience all the notes and flavors that the cigar has. 

Full-bodied cigars are not for everyone. Beginners may have a hard time smoking them because they are so intense. But this is not to say that these cigars are bad. 

The Details

Full-bodied cigars have some of the most luxurious flavors and aromas you can find. But you have to be more experienced and careful when smoking these types of cigars. The skill is not to rush. 

Rushing through a strong cigar will leave you with a bad taste and lite headed. It also won't allow you to savor all the unique flavors that the cigar has. It is necessary to take your time. 

It may take several hours to smoke a large, strong cigar to enjoy it properly. This is important because premium cigar options are often expensive too. They are also finely crafted. 

It is important to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into premium cigars. They are made by hand rather than by factory machines, so are the  mild and medium intensity ones . This ensures that plenty of attention and detail goes into every cigar. 

You can start your cigar journey by smoking mild or medium cigars. You can then build your way toward more intense cigars. This will allow you to study the different intensities and see which one you prefer. 

The Flavors

It is important to understand the different flavors a cigar can have. As with wine, there are delicate notes that you must pick out. Many people think that cigars taste like burning leaves and that's it. That is far from the truth. 

But this is not the case. Cigars are expertly crafted using specific types of tobacco and great care is invested in the creation of each blend of leafes.

These types of tobacco are cultivated to highlight certain flavors and aromas. 

This is how different cigars have distinct flavors. A cigar may start out tasting one way and then change into something else as you smoke it. You may pick up on the bolder flavors of the cigar but not the more delicate ones. 

Tasting a cigar takes practice. You may not pick up on much when you smoke your first cigar. But with practice, you can learn to go over the different flavors of tobacco.

What You Need to Know

Many cigars have woody notes of cedar, pine, oak, and grass. This gives the cigars a very warm feeling. Some cigars have nutty notes of almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pecans. 

Others are very smooth and have notes of cream and coffee. You may encounter some spicy cigars with hints of black pepper, red pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. Others may have "juicy" notes of dried plums, cranberries, cherries, and grapes. 

Some cigars have brief notes of musk, leather, and earth. Most cigars go through a cycle of these different notes. They may start bold and musky but transition into something creamier and sweeter. 

You can further appreciate these flavors by pairing the cigar with something else. Many cigar enthusiasts like to pair their cigars with whiskey, rum, port wine or a great cognac. These substances enhance the flavors of cigars, especially bold ones.

The Aromas 

Some would argue that smelling a cigar is the most important part of the process. Smelling your cigar can give you an idea of what it will taste like before you smoke it. Smelling it while you smoke can also enhance the flavors and the experience. 

Smell the cigar before you light it. You will get subtle notes from the wrapper and the tobacco inside. It might smell leathery, herbal, or slightly moist.

Lighting the cigar will reveal more aromas. 

The aromas complement the flavors and are often similar. But you may pick up on unique notes from the aromatic smoke. You might detect sweet, fruity and even flower smells. 

You might detect natural, earthy, or even plant-like scents too. Meditating on the smoke that surrounds you is a great way to experience the cigar's entire body. Doing this enough times will make you a real cigar master. 

The Art of Appreciating Premium Cigars

Premium cigars are art much like wine or beer. They are finely crafted to elicit certain flavors and aromas for you to enjoy. It is important to take your time and appreciate every aspect of a cigar. 

This allows you to enjoy it completely. To learn more about fine cigars, check out our collection.