Tatuaje PCA 2022: Highlights from the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show

Tatuaje PCA 2022: Highlights from the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 18, 2022

Tatuaje is bringing the heat with their exclusive PCA 2022 releases, limited to just 1,000 boxes. This highly sought-after stogie can only be found by those in attendance at this year’s prestigious PCA tradeshow - don’t miss out on your chance!

The Tatuaje PCA 2022 is the first Premium Cigar Association release for Tatuaje, exclusively created for retailers who attended the PCA 2022 tradeshow.

The Tatuaje PCA 2022 Trade Show brought Store Owners together in Las Vegas to showcase remarkable brands like Tatuaje. From the description and our review of a box of 20 cigars from what we could tell, the PCA 2022 was a great success with many exclusive releases that will soon be available for you to purchase!

If you couldn’t wait to see what new cigar releases were unveiled at the 2022 Premium Cigar Association (PCA 2022) Trade Show, look no further than Tatuaje. Pete Johnson and his team had a plethora of products on display this year, from regular production cigars to line extensions, and anniversary cigars to exclusive PCAs — not to mention that hidden gem he called “a trick up his sleeve”!

Paying homage to its visionary creator Pete Johnson, Tatuaje Brand are crafted with luxurious Nicaraguan Cuban-seed tobacco and made for true cigar connoisseurs. These signature sticks boast bold flavors that stand out among the rest - giving aficionados a unique experience each time they light up.

Johnson proudly demonstrated at PCA 2022 that his esteemed brand would continue to live up to its strong reputation with the next wave of releases. Cuenca Cigars will have many of these blissful cigars available for your enjoyment in no time! To give you a glimpse into what’s coming, here are some delicious new products from this Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer that you can expect in 2022.

Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo - Limited Release

Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo | Mexican San Andrés tobacco Coming March 2023 - Bundles of 20 Cigars

Johnson has been venturing into San Andres Mexican tobacco more frequently in recent years, and the Lomo de Cerdo Limited Release PCA 2022 is one of his latest full-bodied double Robusto products. The Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo is hand-rolled at the My Father factory in Nicaragua, known for producing limited-edition cigars. Although it won’t be available until March or boxes of 2023, many fans have already reserved their experiences with this limited edition release from Pete Johnson - renowned for his rare cigars. Don’t miss out! Subscribe to get notified as soon as possible so you can secure your place among the fervent followers of Tatuaje Cigars.

Tatuaje Havana VI Verocú Blue - Limited Edition Cigar

Pete Johnson proudly unveils the Tatuaje Havana VI Verocú Blue at PCA 2022 by Tatuaje. This remarkable, handmade cigar features a Nicaraguan filler, contributing to its rich and complex flavor profile. It is a Nicaraguan puro composed of Corojo 99 shade grown Rosado wrapper for an unforgettable smoking experience!

The Garcia family of My Father Cigars Farms proudly grows tobacco in various regions across Nicaragua. This year, they are releasing two vitolas or cigar shapes that have been labeled as “100% family grown”– a Toro measuring 6 1/4 to 3 8 x 52 and a Robusto Gordo 5 1/2 to 3 8 x 52 or 54. If you’d like to be among the first to know about these cigars, click the enter button on our Notify Me List!

L'Atelier Surrogates Big Ten Britanicas

L'Atelier Surrogates Big Ten Britanicas | Tatuaje Cigars - Box of 20 Cigars

This exquisite cigar has been crafted in honor of the 10th anniversary of Tatuaje’s Surrogates brand. It features an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, enhancing its strength and flavor. Its blend is derived from blends that have featured in past Surrogates event packs, and it exhibits a rich taste profile somewhere between medium-plus to plus-plus!

The Surrogates Big Ten Britanicas is expected to be released in the this Fall.

L’Atelier Racine ERB

L'Atelier Racine ERB Perfecto Cigars

The name ERB (Edición Racine Britanicas) is derived from Johnson’s use of the iconic Britanica cigar shapes and filler in many of his new products. This blend accurately mirrors L’Atelier Racine, which debuted back in 2015 and contains Sancti Spiritus as its binder and filler. The L’Atelier Racine ERB is part of Tatuaje's extensive lineup, which includes other notable releases like the Tatuaje TAA.

The L’Atelier Racine ERB will hit the market in the Fall.

Cabaiguan Connecticut Britanicas Extra Perfecto

Cabaiguan Connecticut Britanicas Extra Perfecto | PCA 2022

Johnson has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of box one of this rare, limited edition cigar box, for some time now. Featuring a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, and bound with Nicaraguan fillers, Cabaiguan Connecticut Britanicas Extra Perfecto offers an engaging medium to full-bodied flavor that is sure to please any aficionado. The Nicaraguan filler contributes to its rich and complex profile. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind blend!

Initially planned for summer, you’ll be able to enjoy the Cabaiguan Connecticut Britanicas Extra Perfecto in early Fall.

Cabaiguan No.752

Cabaiguan Connecticut No. 752 | PCA 2022

Introducing Cabaiguan No. 752, the Churchill-style cigar from the renowned Cabaiguan line! This robust selection offers an even more intense flavor than its predecessor with a medium to full-bodied blend that will leave you enthralled in every puff. The Cabaiguan No.752 features an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, enhancing its robust flavor profile. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for maximum satisfaction and extraordinary taste - try it today!

Look for the Cabaiguan No.752 in the early Fall.

Tatuaje Nicaragua Cojonu 2015 Nicaraguan Habano Wrapper

The highly-anticipated limited release name of the Tatuaje Nicaragua Cojonu is back on track! Although initially planned to be released in 2015, then again in 2018, it was delayed due to production issues. Now, they are coming out with this version that features a Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan binder & filler; expect nothing but full strength from these cigars. The Tatuaje Nicaragua Cojonu 2015 features a Nicaraguan filler, contributing to its full strength and rich flavor. If you’re an avid fan of powerful smokes - this one’s for you!

You can enjoy the Tatuaje Conoju 2015 in the early Fall.

Tatuaje PCA 2022 - Select Retailers

Tatuaje PCA 2022 Capa Especial - 2022 - Boxes of 20 cigars

This brand-new Tatuaje release was his first cigar at the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) tradeshow, and can only be acquired by those who attended. The name: Tatuaje PCA 2022! The Tatuaje PCA 2022 is hand-rolled at the My Father factory in Nicaragua, known for producing high-quality cigars.

Get ready, Tatuaje PCA 2022 is preparing to ship out next week! This dynamic duo and box of 20 cigars was crafted exclusively for retailers who attended separate trade shows last year. Though the cigar releases have no correlation with each other, they are surprisingly related in some ways. Don’t miss your chance - these limited-edition smokes will only be available at chosen retailers!

Tatuaje created a limited edition brand just for retailers who attended PCA 2022, and we’re so excited to be carrying it soon! Featuring a Sumatra “capa especial” wrapper and Nicaraguan double binder, the medium-to-full strength double Robusto sold out quickly at PCA - so don’t miss your chance when they become available on our site in

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