Tatuaje Advent Calendar 2021 and 2022

Tatuaje Advent Calendar 2021 and 2022

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Nov 06, 2022

Tatuaje Advent Calendar 2021 and 2022

Since 2010, Tatuaje has been releasing a extremely popular Tatuaje Advent Calendar, each year. The 2021 Release of the expected calendar was delayed due to COVID 19 issues. Pete Johnson decided to halt the production until supplies availability was best. The cigars were already produced but there were many issues with the manufacturing of the cigar boxes all over the world.

The Advent Calendars typically contain 24 different cigars, all wrapped in cellophane. Back in 2011, the Advent Calendar contained cigars from the Tatuaje line, while the Calendars in other years, like 2010, added cigars belonging to the Oktoberfest or Brown Label lines.

After a delay last year that prevented the advent calendars from shipping out in time, the 2021 and 2022 calendars are now ready for cigar lovers to enjoy.

Learn more about the company, the Tatuaje advent calendar, and how to get your hands on them.

What Is Tatuaje?

Tatuaje Cigars is the collaboration of two artistry sources in one side is Pete Johnson, the former bass player of the heavy metal band Hung Jury, and in the other side is Don Pepin. Tatuaje was actually the first brand that Don Pepin made his own, and together with Johnson, they released their first cigars in 2003.

These handmade, premium cigars are widely respected in the industry, having earned awards right from the start by being named one of the 25 best cigar brands by Cigar Aficionado in 2004 and 2005.

The cigars are crafted in El Rey de Los Habanos factory in Miami, FL, and at Tabacalera Cubana S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua. 

Tatuaje also has a private social club called "Saints & Sinners". This fans base is extremely loyal to the Tatuaje Cigars Line and always in the look up of new releases from Pete Johnson.

Tatuaje's 2021 and 2022 Advent Calendars

The Tatuaje Advent Calendars are something that any cigar lover awaits each year. The expectation from the aficionados has always been fulfill. 

The 2021 advent calendars received their first showcase at the 2021 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show. As with any Advent Calendar, you remove a panel each day of December, revealing a different cigar to enjoy. To fit the calendar, Tatuaje has created each cigar to be 4 1/2 x 46 in size.

The 2021 calendar has green-colored packaging, while the 2022 calendar is blue.

Because the packages have a cartoon image of Pete Johnson, which could confuse children, each Tatuaje Advent calendar comes with a label covering the cartoon that you can remove when you purchase it.

The calendars also come with a custom ornament that doubles as a tool to help you open each hidden cigar.

What's Inside the Tatuaje Advent Calendar?

Although there are no details yet on what's in the 2022 Advent Calendar, there are details on the 2021 one.

Each advent calendar contains rare Tatuaje cigars and the 2021 version is no different. The 2021 calendar contains 24 cigars, with 15 of them part of the Tatuaje brand. These are:

  • Cabaiguan
  • Cabaiguan Guapos Natural
  • El Triunfador
  • Fausto
  • LAtelier
  • La Mission
  • Négociant
  • Surrogates Tramp Stamp
  • Tatuaje Black Label
  • Tatuaje Brown Label
  • Tatuaje Havana VI
  • Tatuaje ME II 
  • Tatuaje Tattoo
  • Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro
  • Tatuaje Verocú

The other cigars will be versions of the Monster Series releases, two holiday-themed options; one will be a Tatuaje Pumpkin, which is the company's Halloween cigar, and the other will be a "Limited Cigar."

The cigars vary in flavor and body, allowing you a wide array of sampling.

You can expect entirely different options in the 2022 Advent Calendar.

Cabaiguan and Cabaiguan Guapos Natural

The Cabaiguan is a line of Connecticut-wrapper cigars which have packaging that is similar to the core Tatuaje line.

The Cabaiguan Guapos Natural is a variation of the Cabaiguan, with the same binder, and filler, but different wrappers.

El Triunfador

With a rustic espresso-brown wrapper, El Triunfador offers a mixture of robust flavors, like sandalwood, earth, espresso bean, raisins, hay, and bakers' spices.


Fausto is a line of strong-bodied cigars with Habano wrappers. It is similar to the Avion line, but the Fausto is box-pressed.


The L'Atelier cigar comes with a wrapper made in Ecuador: Sancti Spiritus. This is a blend of the Criollo and Pelo de Oro. It is medium to medium-full in body.

La Mission

Part of the L'Atelier line, La Mission uses Nicaraguan fillers, including Sancti Spiritus, together with a Nicaraguan binder and a Mexican filler.


Négociant cigars are full of flavor and medium-bodied. They contain a blend of Nicaraguan and Mexican tobaccos, an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper holding it all together.

Surrogates Tramp Stamp

This cigar has a medium brown wrapper with an oily complexion. It features a peppery flavor, with chocolate notes, as well as cherry, and grass notes.

Tatuaje Black and Brown Label

Tatuaje Black Labels are Nicaraguan puros with bold flavor, while the Brown Labels are also Nicaraguan puros but with medium to medium-full bodies.

Tatuaje Havana VI

The Tatuaje Havana VI is a long-filler Nicaraguan puro that Don Pepin blended to recreate the Havana cigars of his youth.

Tatuaje ME II

Tatuaje ME II is a production run of the limited-edition Mexican Experiment. It features a dark Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers.

Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro

This cigar's creation takes a new spin on a custom-rolled Cuban Cohiba. It is a very strong blend.

Tatuaje Tattoo

With an almost velvety touch, the wrapper is soft as well as spongy. The flavor is a blend of cocoa powder, leather, wood, and espresso.

Tatuaje Verocú

This cigar is medium to full-bodied, containing a bold combination of Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos.

How to Get Your Hands on an Advent Calendar

These Advent Calendars are limited to 5,000 boxes each, so finding them can be a challenge. As the leading provider of Tatuaje Cigars, Cuenca Cigars is your best bet for getting one of these calendars.

Each one is $200.

Sample Cigars This Holiday Season

For the cigar lover, the Tatuaje advent calendar is a must-have. Not only does it allow you to sample various types of cigars, but it gives you a chance to try options that are not available to purchase any longer.

At Cuenca Cigars, you can find the Tatuaje Cigars options you want. Why not make this holiday season even brighter with the Tatuaje Advent Calendar? Call today to reserve your advent calendar!