Sublimes Cigars available at Cuenca Cigars Now

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 15, 2017

2004 was the year that marks the commencement of the Sublimes Cigars line. Initially launched as a local brand for Miami, Florida, these handmade cigars became a nationally distributed line of cigars. Seven years later, in 2011 when the demand becomes exhaustive they decided to move the operation to Nicaragua under the AJ Fernandez factory.

Sublimes Cigars are wrapped with a Rosado Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that combined with Corojo binder and Criollo as a filler made out a super tasty smoke. Thomas Jaromirski, the owner of the brand is in charge of the distribution of the cigars here in Florida. Even though the cigars are made in what is considered a large factory they are still considered boutique cigars. AJ Fernandez is producing cigars for many large companies so his yearly production of cigars is in the millions range.

As per Thomas Jaromirski, they only produce around 90K cigars per year. The cigar has received high rates by many cigar specialty magazines. Cigar Aficionados awarded the Sublimes Cigars Robusto Extra with number 25 in the 2015 Top 25 cigars year with a 92 rating. Also, 91 points to the Torpedo size, 89 Points to the Grande, and 89 to the Robusto. As per Cigar Aficionado taste notes, the Robusto Extra was able to show strength and sweetness at the same time, a quality difficult to achieve in a blend. A.J Fernandez blending and manufacturing of handmade cigars has made possible the high rating of these cigars. Cigar Journal also named the Robusto Extra No 25 of the Top 25 for 2015.

These boutique cigars have been on the Cuenca Cigars shelves for quite some time and the quality we love the most is the fact our customers keep coming for more. I want to introduce you to the Sublimes line and see what you think. Shop now Singles, 5 Packs, or Boxes of Sublimes cigars at Cuenca Cigars Handmade cigars. Cigar Aficionados can get them while they last. For a limited time, you can receive an additional 10% discount. Chose the size you like and you will go straight to the checkout page.

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