Private Talk Master Blender Jose Seijas at Cuenca Cigars

Private Talk Master Blender Jose Seijas at Cuenca Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 17, 2015

Cuenca Cigars will be hosting a Private Event with Jose A. Seijas, Master Blender and his son, who is also following the family tradition of Cigar Making this coming February 23rd, 2015 starting at 1 pm - 4 pm. The event will be a Private Talk to the Legend Jose A. Seijas, he will talk about the project Matilde Cigars and his experience. If you are a cigar lover you must attend to this event. 

Event is FREE but quote is very limited so you need to RSVP. Click on this link to RSVP Here.

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Jose Seijas – Master Blender
Making cigars is an art that has survived centuries. In 1974 a young industrial engineer joined the industry; little did he know that he would stay working for this company for the next 38 years where he directed the implementation of many coherent changes aligned to making great quality cigars for the pleasure of the cigar lovers. Consistency in manufacturing became the mantra that kept Jose and his team steering the boat ahead to unparalleled quality.
However Jose’s dream was far to be achieved – he wanted more quality and he would not accept less than the best that was possible for each cigar made under his supervision. A major change got Jose closer to his goal – the rebirth of Matilde.

Matilde Cigars
Tabacalera La Matilde was reborn in 2012 after Jose Seijas’ retirement as Master Blender and VP of Operations from Tabacalera de Garcia SAS. He saw a window of opportunity to make outstanding quality cigars on his own terms; at the same time creating a legacy he could leave behind to his family. He partnered up with the Gonzalez Bothers (Carlos & Ruben), the largest cigar distributors in the Dominican Republic, and invited his sons, Enrique and Ricardo, to join the project.