New Cigars Releases | IPCPR | Pre-Order Now

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Aug 14, 2016

IPCPR 2016 Convention and Trade Show is to be remember for ever and it will be a sad one. All cigar manufactures has rushed to deliver their new products under the impression this will be probably the last release they will make or probably they will only slow down with new products until some can figure it out what is really going on with the new FDA Regulations. 

Some of the limitations are starting to slow down the delivery of our precious cigars. For example, even if the cigars are grandfathering because they were made prior to 2007, when a broker brings cigars from Nicaragua or Dominican Republic, before they only needed the cigars to be release by Custom. NOW, in order for cigars to be released they now need also an FDA approval. We really don't know if this is going to be a fast process in the near future, but for now is adding stress to the cigars in the port of entry. 

A tremendous amount of new products are out and some of them had already been delivery to us in very small quantities. That is why you will see a lot of Pre-Order items in our website lately. The idea is for you to reserve the items you want before Prohibition hit the top of the line! Cigars will be in time arrive and we will be releasing them in the order they were bought in our website.

So, if you like to try some of the latest releases I recommend that you buy them now and hold on until we received them. We have a large stock, the larger we have ever had before so you may find that the wait period is not too long in some cases and extremely large in other. For example, Padron 90th Anniversary may take a full month before we can deliver them to you due to the demand we had during the release of these cigars. Also some very exhotic cigars by La Flor Dominicana will be release later this year and we will be serving the customers as they placed their order. These are limited production items and if you love them, better buy them now!

Some other cigars are about to be released asap. 

We hope that you understand the process and rest in peace we will safely deliver your cigars in the order the arrive using FIFO philosophy! First Order In, First Order out!

We can only hope FDA and Cigar MAnufacturers get to cleared waters before the Cigar Industry is destroyed!  I am a very optimistic person and believe that this will only be an accommodation process. I like to think, we will be fine and our cigars will be safely arriving to the consumers asap!

As usual, Cuenca Cigars Crew look forward to be the first that can provide you with a great service! We love all our customers, the locals and the online ones. For us, all of you are like great friends and family!