Mi Querida Sakakhan Limited Edition Cigars

Mi Querida Sakakhan Limited Edition Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 17, 2022

Mi Querida Sakakhan Limited Edition Cigars

In 2021 alone, the number of cigar sales reached record-breaking numbers, showing that cigars are more popular than ever in the United States. If you are a cigar enthusiast and love trying limited edition cigars, then you'll have to try Mi Querida Sakakhan cigars. These cigars are not only limited edition but are also very high-quality. 

If you don't get them while they're still available, they'll be gone forever, and you'll never have the chance to see what they smell and taste like. But what is so great about these cigars anyway, and what makes them unique compared to other cigars? Keep reading and learn more about them below. 

What You Need To Know About Mi Querida Sakakhan Cigars

The first thing you should know about this cigar is what kind of tobacco it uses. This cigar is arguably one of the best Dominican cigars, and its filler consists of very high-quality tobacco from the Dominican Republic. But besides that, the filler also consists of some tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua. 

Together, all of these different types of tobacco create a very unique flavor and aroma that many basic cigars can never hope to achieve. Besides that, the mix of different types of tobacco also gives the cigar a unique texture when you smoke it. But what about the binder and wrapper?

The wrapper is a classic Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. As for the binder, it is an equally classic type of Mexican San Andrés negro tobacco. The binder and wrapper both contribute to the overall taste and aroma of the cigar. 

The binder, in particular, will contribute hints of richness and leatheriness that you won't be able to find in the filler alone. Only 3,500 boxes of these cigars will be produced, and each box will have 10 cigars. If you want to try these cigars for yourself, you'll have to act fast before they all sell out. 

The Details

This cigar is quite large as it is 7 1/4 x 54 and is considered a double corona. Because it is so large, it may not be a great cigar for those who are just learning how to enjoy cigars. Instead, this is a better choice for highly experienced cigar smokers as well as those who are looking to try something particularly strong and long-lasting. 

Because this cigar is so large, it certainly isn't something you'll want to try smoking quickly. If you try to smoke this at a fast pace, the excess smoke will likely get you sick. Instead, this is a cigar that is meant to be savored over a long period of time, so make sure that you have plenty of time set aside to enjoy this cigar. 

The appearance of the cigar is quite attractive as it is very sleek and dark. The band around the cigar is also very sophisticated, donning silver and black as well as the brand name of Mi Querida. But what should you expect from the flavor and aroma of this cigar?

The Taste and Aroma

Due to the choice of tobacco used throughout the cigar, you can be sure that this will be a very strong and bold cigar before you even light it. If you are not used to very strong cigars, you may want to prepare yourself a bit before you start smoking. While this cigar does have quite a kick, it isn't overpowering (as long as you don't smoke too much at once). 

On the contrary, it has a very balanced flavor and aroma that is hard to find in cigars that are similar in terms of strength. This is not a bomb of smoke and pepper instead; it has many subtle notes that balance out the entire smoking experience. In particular, you will experience notes of cedar as well as leather weaving in and out of the cigar smoke. 

You will also find more delicate notes, such as those of black cherry and dried fruit, along with a hint of black pepper. To counteract the rich, peppery nature of this cigar, there are also faint hints of sweetness and cream that ensure that the cigar isn't overpowering or too bold. 

What to Know

Some even find that the smell and taste of this cigar are somewhat similar to a fresh pot of black coffee. Whatever the case, this is certainly a cigar that you won't soon forget. Even the ways the flavors roll across your tongue are effortlessly high-quality. 

This cigar is quite versatile as well. If you want to enhance its flavors even more, you can consider pairing it with some good food or a drink of your choice. Certain spirits like bourbon or Scotch often go very well with cigars of this caliber. 

These drinks share similar flavor notes and can allow you to explore the flavors of the cigar even more. If you don't feel like a drink, you can also try pairing this cigar with some savory red meat like a fine steak or something similar. The savory nature of the food will also complement the similar flavor notes in the cigar for a truly all-encompassing experience. 

All About Limited Edition Cigars

If you're in the mood for limited edition cigars, you should certainly give Mi Querida Sakakhan a try. This cigar is not for the faint of heart since it is known to be quite a strong and bold cigar. Even so, it is still very enjoyable with notes of cedar, leather, and cherries and it goes very well with certain drinks and meals. 

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