M BY MACANUDO: The Evolution of Macanudo Cigars Continues

M BY MACANUDO: The Evolution of Macanudo Cigars Continues

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 08, 2019

Macanudo Cigars are among the most venerable choices on the market.

The best-selling brand in the United States, Macanudo has been producing quality cigars appealing to a broad section of tastes for 50 years.

They also produce excellent pieces for beginners. Last year, we named their Macanudo Cafe the "King of the milder smokes". And while today's selection errs towards the more flavorful end of the spectrum, it is sure to please novice and experienced smokers alike.

With this release, Macanudo has opted to do something different. The debut of the M marks the brand's first flavor-infused cigar. Blending Nicaraguan tobaccos with abundant notes of gourmet coffee, the M is truly a special smoking experience.

M by Macanudo Cigars

Wrapper: Indonesian

Binder: Philippine

Filler: Nicaraguan & other fine tobaccos

Size Smoked for Review: Corona

Price: $5.17 per stick

The M comes in a reddish-brown wrapper with a substantial amount of tooth. It is slightly oily to the touch, and it somewhat spongy if squeezed.

The wrapper smells quite sweet; a preview of the smoking experience to come. Unsurprisingly the dominant scent is coffee, but it is pleasantly undercut with chocolatey and earthy tones. A cold draw primarily yields the sweeter flavors, with only a whisper of tobacco.

Smoking Experience

The M yields its flavors in stages.

It has a sweetened cap, the flavor of which dominates the first several moments of the smoke. The first third is a bouquet of sweetness. Sweet milk chocolate, coffee, earth and a bit of leather combine to create a flavor comparable to a fine cafe con leche.

The draw is smooth and easy, with a slightly wavy burn, though not troublingly so.

By the end of the first third of the stick, the sweetness begins to receive, allowing the richer tobacco flavors to challenge it. The taste of coffee and sweet chocolate is still present but is now being complemented by a darker earthiness, with tones of cedar and spice.

During the first third the M demonstrates barely more than a mild profile. As that first third burns down however, it grows more bold, assuming its full medium strength.

As the M enters its home stretch, the sweetness further shrinks into the background and a more traditional cigar flavor begins to dominate. The burn and the draw both remain pleasantly consistent through this period, allowing a smoker to enjoy the smooth, creamy profile.

Final Verdict

Veteran smokers are often justifiably wary of flavor-infused cigars. But I am pleased to say that the M from Macanudo Cigars exceeds expectations.

Macanudo's proprietary infusion process imparts just the right amount of flavor without allowing it to become overwhelming. While certainly sweet, the flavor is ultimately more subdued than the cold draw would lead you to believe, blending in nicely with the cigar's other flavors. And its expert construction makes it an easy, enjoyable experience throughout.

Some may find the sweetness to be too much to make the M an everyday cigar, but I would certainly reccomend it as an occasional pleasure. I would further recommend it as an excellent choice for beginners. The fact that it starts sweet before receding into a more conventional cigar allows novice smokers to ease into the more potent flavors.

You can get the M by Macanudo here.