Limited Edition Cigars: Weller by Cohiba

Limited Edition Cigars: Weller by Cohiba

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Sep 13, 2022

Limited Edition Cigars: Weller by Cohiba

Did you know that people have been smoking cigars since the 10th Century?

Since then, cigars have become a staple accessory for the sharp gentleman. Not only do they emanate pleasure but also class and character. Combining it with your fine glass of scotch can make for a more relaxing pastime.

With different sorts of cigars in the market today, it can make it hard to find rare and limited edition cigars. Fortunately, you can get the quality cigar you deserve by getting the Weller by Cohiba. This limited edition cigar is particularly special for its unique structure, taste, and aroma.

Want to learn more about Weller by Cohiba? Keep reading to find out what this cigar brings to the table.

Weller by Cohiba: Blend and Origin

Weller by Cohiba is a new cigar whose blend is exclusively made to recreate the experience of the 12-year bourbon. It consists of a Honduran San Agustin wrapper—aged for 7 years— with a Habano-seed Connecticut binder and fillers leaf from Estelí and Ometepe in Nicaragua.

Once rolled, the cigar is put in glass tubes to preserve its flavor. The result is a smooth and elegant blend that will entice the most refined cigar aficionado.

Weller by Cohiba: Specifications

The cigar is available in one size – a 5 1/2 x 50. The sizing is proportionate—not too large or too small—so you can expect to smoke it for quite a long time. These cigars usually come in boxes of 10 cigars with each presented in its own individual glass tubes.

Weller by Cohiba: Appearance

While most Honduran San Agustin wrappers have had a distinct reddish hue, the Weller by Cohiba is quite different. It has the darkest iteration compared to the other wrappers. The hue of the wrapper is similar to a dark espresso.

Upon closer assessment, you can notice a slight amount of mottling. There were visible wrapper seams and veins on the wrapper’s surface.

Additionally, the cigar has two bands: primary and secondary. The primary band is black with gold trim. You will notice the “COHIBA” logo at the center of the band, which is in white font with a red dot inside the “O”.

There is also another Cohiba red dot logo to the far right of the band. The logos are then surrounded by two thick gold stripes above and below. The secondary band is also black with gold trim.

But the center of the band features the Weller logo. The text “Weller” is written on the band in cursive font with a gold stripe above and below the logo.

Weller by Cohiba: Performance

As a cigar aficionado, nothing matters more than your experience when you smoke the Weller by Cohiba cigar. Here is what you can expect in terms of performance:

Pre-Light Draw

Before lighting the Weller by Cohiba, use a sharp cutter to remove the cap of this cigar and start the pre-light draw ritual. The cold draw delivers a satisfactory mix of espresso, earth, and cocoa powder. The pre-light draw experience prepares you for the smoking phase to come.

Tasting Notes

Weller by Cohiba opens up with notes of natural tobacco, damp earth, cedar, espresso, and cocoa. The damp earth notes move to the front, giving it a dank quality. However, this isn’t a negative as the dankness is well balanced out by the natural tobacco, cedar, espresso, and cocoa.

The natural tobacco imparts a light sweetness to the cigar’s profile. As the cigar moves through the first third, you will notice an emergence of black pepper on your tongue. There are also additional layers of black pepper and damp pepper on the retro-hale.

On the second third of the cigar, the damp earth notes remain key. While there is an increase in cedar and pepper notes, the espresso notes decrease in intensity.

Meanwhile, the cocoa and natural tobacco note remain in the distant background. However, the natural tobacco notes reduce in sweetness.

As it came to a close, the dankness of the cigar’s earth notes reduce in the final third. But it remains a primary note. The cedar and pepper notes become secondary notes while cocoa and natural tobacco round things out.

The subsequent nub is cool in temperature and soft to the touch.


While the cigar maintains a relatively straight burn line, it isn’t without the help of some touch-ups. The touch-ups required are more recurrent as the smoking experience progresses. The resulting ash is on the firm side and almost white in color.

In the meantime, the burn temperature and burn rate are ideal.


With the Weller by Cohiba, the draw starts out tight but opens up quickly. Once it opens up, you will have no problem deriving flavors from the cigar. While the draw may be a little more open, the cigar produces ample layers of smoke.

Strength and Body

The cigar begins with medium-bodied and medium-strength flavors. There is a nominal increase in intensity with both qualities. But they still remain in the medium range at the end of the cigar experience.

Both the body and strength balance each other well with neither quality overpowering the other.

How to Smoke Your Weller by Cohiba Cigar Like A Pro

While cigar smoking is a luxurious experience, it can be quite intimidating for beginners. Here’s how you can do it like a seasoned expert.

Step 1: Sighting

Your first encounter with a Weller by Cohiba cigar will be to taste it through sight, touch, and smell. This cigar comes with a dark toothy almost-black wrapper and features a strong earthy smell. 

Step 2: Cutting

This limited edition cigar comes with a closed head. Carefully cut it so that you don’t remove the glue that ensures the filler leaves are compact.

Step 3: Lighting

Light your cigar with a cigar lighter, butane lighter, or a matchstick. Avoid conventional cigarette lighters as they can taint the end of your Weller by Cohiba cigar and leave an unpleasant aroma.

Step 4: Smoking

Relax and savor the taste of your cigar. When finishing the cigar, leave a nub of two inches unsmoked as it may have a bitter taste. You can also pair your cigar with a fine glass of bourbon or wine.

Experience World-Class Weller by Cohiba Cigars

Need a good cigar smoking experience? Weller by Cohiba is your go-to cigar. This rich-layered stick allows you to experience an explosion of flavors. Perfect for all types of cigar lovers.

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