Limited Edition Cigars: Macanudo Inspirado Jamao

Limited Edition Cigars: Macanudo Inspirado Jamao

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 11, 2022

Limited Edition Cigars: Macanudo Inspirado Jamao

Cigars were first invented by the Mayans hundreds of years ago, and they've remained popular around the world ever since. Today, there are many different kinds of cigars to choose from. Some are large and bold while others are smaller and milder. 

If you love smoking cigars and want to try something new and unique, then you shouldn't pass up a chance to try a Macanudo Inspirado Jamao cigar. But what exactly makes this cigar so special, you might ask? The first thing you should know about it is that it is a limited edition cigar and if you want a chance to try it, you'll have to act fast. 

There will only be a total of 2,300 boxes of these cigars produced and available to the public. After all of these boxes are bought up, you won't have a chance to get your hands on them. Keep reading and learn more about why this new cigar is such a good option to try. 

Everything You Need To Know About the Macanudo Inspirado Jamao

The first thing you should know about these cigars is that the tobacco they use comes from a location in the Dominican that is practically perfect for growing high-quality tobacco. Specifically, the Mao region is known for having the perfect soil and weather conditions to grow delicious forms of tobacco, even though this region is not very large. It is because of the unique quality of the tobacco that Macanudo Inspirato Jamao cigars are so great. 

However, the tobacco used for these cigars is particularly unique because of the tobacco seeds used to grow the plants in the first place. Specifically, only a small number of tobacco plants grown from the Habano seed were used. The Habano seed is from Jamastran, Honduras and it is usually grown in that region. 

However, by combining this seed with the rich soil in the Mao region of the Dominican, a very special and flavorful type of tobacco is the result. In fact, it is the combination of the seed and the soil that came up with the name "Jamao" to represent these Macanudo Inspirado cigars. Besides the tobacco region and seeds involved, another important factor to consider about this cigar is that it comes in two distinct sizes. 

The first size is the typical toro. This size is 5.75 x 52. Because it isn't very large, it makes it the perfect option for those who are still new to cigars. 

The Details

For those who want a cigar that burns for a longer period, there is also the Churchill size available. Churchill cigars are 7 x 49 and because they are so large, you should set aside plenty of time to relax and enjoy them. There's nothing worse than a rushed cigar, and not to mention that you could get yourself sick from trying to smoke too fast. 

The overall body of the cigar is medium. So, you won't need to worry about choking on cigar smoke that's much too strong. You also won't be disappointed by a cigar that's too weak either. 

The flavor and aroma of the cigar itself are quite unique. You will first notice hints of woodiness and herbs, but past those initial notes, you will notice some flavors and scents that are far more delicate. In particular, you should find notes of cream, salt, and even vanilla. 

When combining the woody and herbal flavors with the sweeter and smoother flavors, you will be left with a cigar that is the perfect balance of all these flavors. The resulting smoke will be very smooth and enjoyable. 

How To Enjoy a Macanudo Inspirado Jamao Cigar

The first thing you should know about enjoying this kind of cigar is that you should always take your time. Even if you're only smoking a toro-sized cigar, you should still avoid rushing. Trying to rush through a cigar because you're busy will not allow you to enjoy the cigar to its fullest extent. 

And, of course, since the Macanudo Inspirado Jamao is a rare and limited type of cigar, the last thing you want to do is rush through it without completely enjoying it. For that reason, you should set aside an hour or so to enjoy the cigar. 

After all, half the fun of smoking is picking out all the unique aromas and flavors that the cigar has to offer. Besides giving yourself plenty of time to smoke the cigar, you can also try other things that could enhance the flavor of the cigar. For example, some people like to drink whiskey or brandy along with their cigars. 

This is because these drinks have very similar flavor and aromatic profiles. Much like how people pair wine with certain foods, you can pair certain spirits with cigars. Pairing a drink with a cigar will allow you to better appreciate certain flavors and smells that both of those products contain. 

You might even discover certain flavors or aromas that you never noticed before. More than that, adding a good drink to a good cigar is a sure way to get yourself to relax after a long day. 

All About Macanudo Inspirado Jamao Cigars

Macanudo Inspirado Jamao cigars are certainly something you should try before they are no longer available. Because the tobacco used in these cigars is grown in such a unique location, it will, in turn, contain unique flavors and aromas that you won't be able to find in any other kind of cigar. And, after all, these cigars are very high-quality, so you're guaranteed to have a good experience when you smoke them. 

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