Island Jim San Andres is HERE! Best Honduran Cigars

Island Jim San Andres is HERE! Best Honduran Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 12, 2018

Island Jim San Andres is HERE! Best Honduran Cigars

Jim Robinson is probably a name that you have heard by now if you are a cigar aficionado. But if you’ve ever seen or met "Island Jim," then you know that he is the guy who always dresses as if he is at the beach wearing a hat and with a cigar on his mouth. His unconventional style is probably a prime reason why you have been lured into trying his cigars. Island Jim #2 was released a few years back, and this cigar and its packaging were like no other. A spirit of happiness surrounded the blend, and his followers soon started to seek out any smoke Jim Robinson created.

To name a couple: Leaf by Oscar, a cigar wrapped in tobacco leaves instead of cellophane that got some to laugh when remembering their first attempt to smoke it with the wrapper still on. Island Jim, with an unfinished foot and the look of a pencil at the other end, is another unique creation.

Behind every project seems to be an appropriate artwork. The boxes are "uncarefully" designed, painted and decorated, and even the packaging inside is a form of art. Everything reflects a spiritual theme of happiness and joy that ends with an excellent smoke!

This year Robinson released a new extension to his first Island Jim line. This time he is using a dark and oily San Andrés wrapper. The blend is called Island Jim San Andrés. But the motif this time is a sombrero that he wears that says San Andrés. Every cigar has a band with his painted portrait on it sporting that large San Andrés sombrero.

The cigars continued to be a Honduran based tobacco and are manufactured at the Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co. factory, also in Honduras. Packaged in 21-count boxes, they are now available at Cuenca Cigars!