iSHARE Contest Rules | Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Aug 04, 2016

Do you want to get rewarded for being active on social media? Then our new iSHARE Contest is for you! Starting in September, Cuenca Cigars’ social media will share a POST that will start with the word iSHARE every day. Those posts will link to a cigar in our website. If you see the post, you MUST SHARE it. Then, you can go to our Cuenca Cigars Online Website and buy anything you want with an iSHARE discount. It does not have to be the product we share, as long as it is a cigar. There are no discounts on Humidors and/ or cigar accessories.

During checkout process, post the discount code iSHARE to receive the discount. We will check the post to make sure you shared it. Don’t forget to insert the discount code in your purchase, otherwise you won’t be eligible for the discount.

How much is the discount? That’s the best part! The discount value will change every day. One day, it could be 5% off your purchase, but the next day it could be anything between 1% to 10%. So, the more you share our content, the more opportunities you have to win BIG!

Cuenca Cigars online prices are competitive with the majority of other online retailers. So, you will be getting an additional discount and Free Shipping on all purchases. Certain restrictions apply and the minimum value of your order must be $50. Due to manufactures restrictions some Brands are not included in the discount. The discount Value will be available on any given day. You can’t ask to get the discount value of any other day; you can only get the value set for the day.

Every Month, the person who shares our content the most often and makes at least one purchase that month will be declared the winner. Cuenca Cigars will be sending him or her a free gift in the mail.

Thanks in advance for helping us to spread the voice. Welcome to iSHARE Contest!