Romeo 505 Nicaragua, the love story of Romeo and Julieta.

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Apr 13, 2017

Romeo 505 Nicaragua is the latest release of a Romeo y Julieta brand by Altadis USA. In a formal collaboration between the renowned Grupo de Maestros and one of the biggest tobacco growers and blenders that is Plasencia Family of Cigars, Romeo 505 was born. This is considered the boldest Romeo yet, not a traditional blend. The milder flavor profile Romeo lovers are used to experience has been replaced by a balanced spiciness yet smooth and tasty. Using all Nicaraguan tobaccos grown on the Volcanics Nicaraguan soils, expect a deep complexity and a variety of flavors and savors. This is the kind of Romeo you been expecting. Subtle, Elegant and full of character. There will be a Julieta for you all, following the aroma of this fabulous smoke.

Not just an attractive and elegant design, but the cigar also inherit this qualities. With a rich, oily and reddish wrapper, you won’t want to pass it by. The perfect burn and aroma will be a complimentary gift for the cigar aficionado.

Romeo 505 Nicaragua tobaccos were collected from three out the four more renowned growing regions of Nicaragua, namely Esteli, Jalapa and Condega. Each of these regions bring a distinct tobacco profile and gives this smoke the complexity and perfection. From subtle spicy, to a sweetish flavor that palp your palate and the rich and woodsy aroma, the Romeo 505 Nicaragua is simply delightful.

Four traditional sizes were perfectly rolled: Robusto, Toro, Churchill and Piramide. Elegantly packaged in boxes of 20 cigars count, vested in bright Orange and Black. Using bold graphic design to reflect the character of this smoke: traditional, yet modern and bold. The 505 refers to the Nicaraguan area code to emphasize Nicaragua as an important tobacco region in the world of cigars.

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