How to Keep Cigars Fresh in a Few Simple Steps

How to Keep Cigars Fresh in a Few Simple Steps

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Sep 07, 2018

In order to enjoy cigars while they still taste their best, it's important to understand how to keep cigars fresh.

An ideal environment for keeping cigars fresh should have about 65%-70% humidity and it should be about 68 degrees, plus or minus a few degrees, Fahrenheit, as temperature can affect relative humidity. If the temperature is too cold, you can dry your cigars out. If it is too hot, the cigars will end up spongy, resulting in a harsh smoke.

There are products like humidors you can use to maintain freshness, but you can also use household products. Keep reading this article for a full guide to storing cigars. No matter which method you use, always keep in mind to keep the cigars away from the sun or near a window where the sun hits.

How to Keep Cigars Fresh

Cigars can become dried out, stale, and unsmokable within a matter of days. So, if you received one or a few by surprise, you will need to find a quick method of storage to seal in their freshness. This also pertains to cigars that have been shipped to you and have spent more than a couple of days in transit.

While purchasing a humidor is always the best option, the timing and planning can get thrown off. Here are some DIY cigar storage methods using objects you probably already have in your house.

The Freezer Bag and Sponge Method

If you're looking for a way to store between one and three cigars, a freezer bag and moist sponge will help you seal in freshness. Wet a small sponge, preferably with distilled water, and squeeze out all the excess water.

Then place the sponge and cigars in the bag before making sure it's completely sealed. The sponge works by keeping the cigar environment humid for a few weeks. Just make sure you check it periodically to ensure the sponge hadn't dried out.

An even better method is to use a humidification device like a Boveda pack , which is specifically designed to maintain an ideal environment for your cigars.

Reusable Jar or Plastic Container

You can create a makeshift humidor by using a jar or a plastic container you'd usually store leftover food in. These options offer a little more protection for your cigars since both are sturdier and better suited for longer-term storage than a freezer bag.

This is also nice if you're storing more than just a few cigars. You will use a sponge or humidification packin the same way as you would with the freezer bag method.

However, you will need to use distilled water to protect against mold and the chemicals found in tap water.

A Basic Cooler

This storage method is best if you plan on keeping your cigars for several months, or even years. It is the most effective way of cigar storage outside of using a good quality humidor.

Not only that, a cooler can store dozens or hundreds of cigars depending on the size you have.

You can still use a sponge and distilled water with a cooler, but you'll need a larger sponge than the ones for the previous methods since this will be a larger space.

However, for greater efficiency, consider putting a humidification device or humidification beads - and a hygrometer to keep tabs on the humidity - in the cooler.

Be sure to clean the cooler well to deodorize it before using it to store your cigars. Doing a basic web search will easily bring up tutorials on how to prepare a cooler to keep you smokes.

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