How to Cut a Cigar Like a Pro. Like a professional

How to Cut a Cigar Like a Pro. Like a professional

Posted by ana cuenca on May 08, 2018

How to Cut a Cigar Like a Pro

A cigar is only as good as it's cut! Learn how to cut a cigar like a professional and enjoy a relaxing smoke with every puff!

Cigars are becoming more and more popular. They are great paired with an alcoholic beverage after dinner.

While more people are interested in cigars, to enjoy them properly, they need to be cut correctly. Cutting a cigar creates an opening to smoke it without weakening the structure.

Looking for some helpful tips on how to cut a cigar? You are in the right place. Keep reading for all the information you will ever need!

Choose a Cutter

Probably the most crucial tip in knowing how to properly cut a cigar is choosing a good cigar cutter. A poor quality cutter can lead to an unpleasant smoking experience and/or an unraveled wrapper.

While cutters exist at low and high price points, it is best to choose a higher end one if you intend to use it frequently.

A punch style cutter is a good option for beginners. It is small and can be placed on a keyring. Double blade guillotine styled cutters can range from $5-$100. Higher quality ones produce a very clean cut.

Before buying any cutter, pause first to think about the exact type of cigar you are likely to smoke. Some cutters work well for some types, but not others.

Look at the Head to Know How to Cut a Cigar

After selecting your very own cigar cutter, take a close look at the head of the cigar. The head is the part you will eventually put in your mouth.

Look closely for the cap. This is a piece of rounded tobacco that is used to keep the cigar wrapper together. It is glued to the end and you need to see where this cap ends.

Time to Cut

After identifying where the cap ends, you are ready to cut. Aim to cut right before the end to avoid ripping the wrapper.

It is best to cut with a quick and decisive motion.

If you are using a punch cutter, simply put it up against the head and cut a small hole. If you like to have a lot of smoke, cut a few different holes.

To light the cigar, use a quality lighter. Never use paper matches or a scented candle that is laying around. If you do, you risk changing the cigar flavor.

Warm the tobacco that is in the foot (the part you light) of the cigar.

Grab a Cigar and Enjoy

It's cigar time! You now have all the insider tips to know how to enjoy a cigar properly. In addition to properly cutting a cigar, make sure you store each one correctly.

Unless you have a box specifically for storing cigars, only buy a few at a time. Otherwise, they will dry out.

Do you have some additional questions? Not sure how to get started purchasing cigars or accessories? Please feel free to reach out, we would love to help!