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Cigars Accessories | New | Best Xikar Accessories

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Nov 09, 2015

Holiday Gift Sets from Xikar

Fall is here, the holidays are coming and it's the perfect time of year for some new cigar accessories. Xikar has kicked off the holiday season with some changes and new addition to their collection of accessories. You'll want to put one of these on your holiday list!

Xikar took five of their best-selling lighters and has made a few changes and formed the Vintage Bronze Collection. The Executive II, ELX, 5x64 Turrim, Pulsar and Trezo were given a rustic look. Polished by hand, these bronze lighters are classic yet modern. You can't find them just anywhere; these lighters are limited edition and sold at certain retailers.

If you're into outdoor activities, the EX lighter is for you. This unique lighter is durable enough for whatever you throw at it, and lights cigars in almost any situation. High elevations and wind mean nothing to this lighter. It has a windproof flame, an adjustment wheel for a softer flame, and a protective cap that flips open or closed. You can get it in black, brushed silver, gunmetal and chrome silver.

With new colored cutters, smoking a cigar while watching your favorite football team has never been more fun. You can get your favorite football team's color combinations on the Xi1 cutter. Looking for that perfect gift? Xikar has holiday gift sets too. Check out one of the six gift sets loaded with limited edition accessories. Unfortunately this are out of stock but you can pre-order for next year.

There's no better time to start your holiday shopping. Even better, why not start your own holiday list with these cigar accessories? Shop Cuenca Cigars for the best online prices and the hottest cigar accessories.