Holiday Gifts: Punch Four Pack Cutter + CAO 12 Days

Holiday Gifts: Punch Four Pack Cutter + CAO 12 Days

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 17, 2022

Holiday Gifts: Punch Four Pack Cutter + CAO 12 Days

There are many reasons why we like the holidays, one of them is the expectation of receiving gifts, they also serve as anxiety buffer, a time to gather for amazing meals, and an amazing time to share and chat. That's why choosing a top-notch present for your loved ones should be a priority.

Here, we're going to talk about some of the best gifts for any cigar aficionado. Read on to learn about Cuenca's Punch Four Packs and CAO 12 Days cigar options!

What Is a Punch Four Pack With Cutter?

A Punch 4-pack is an amazing gift for a beginning cigar lover. It contains 4 different Punch cigars, each handmade and of premium quality. They come in four different flavors and serve as a great cigar sampler.

Included flavors are:

  • Punch Deluxe Habano
  • Clasico Sumatra
  • Knuckle Buster Habano
  • Signature

This pack also comes with a free cigar cutter. This cutter is essential so that the user can cut off the end of a cigar and smoke it properly. 

This means that the recipient of your gift won't need to have or buy any additional cigar accessories. They can simply start smoking and instantly experience strong and vibrant flavors.

Since this pack only retails for $29.99, it's a great gift for anyone that you want to get an affordable gift for.

Why Do These Make Great Gifts?

In addition to being affordable, a Punch 12 pack is  an ideal gift for beginning  or and experience cigars cigar lovers.

Because it comes with a variety of sizes, strengths, and profiles, it serves as a sort of cigar sampler. The recipient can try new flavor profiles and determine which is their favorite. You're not just giving them delicious and versatile cigars- you're giving them the chance to find out what they like.

The inclusion of a cutter also makes this gift ideal for cigar newbies. Beginners probably don't have any accessories needed to prepare their cigars for smoking. When you buy a 4-pack with a cutter, you're giving them a head start so that they don't need to purchase another product to use your gift. By the same token it serves as a "back up" for any smoking occasion.

Punch 4-packs with cutters are also sold as pre-packs. They have 10 packs per unit, which means that they include 40 cigars in total. This is an option for recipients that know they enjoy all 4 flavors and want a diverse gift.

The Basics of CAO 12 Days

CAO 12 Days cigar packs are a quintessential holiday gift. They're essentially a 12-day  calendar for cigar lovers.

Each day, the person you get the gift for will pull out a cigar from the pack. These premium handmade cigars come in many different flavors and profiles. They all come in a uniform Toro size for easy smoking.

Contained within the box are 12 different brands of CAO 12 cigars:

  1. Experience MX2
  2. Italia
  3. Brazilia
  4. America
  5. Steel Horse
  6. Flathead
  7. Colombia
  8. Pilon
  9. Session
  10. Bones
  11. Zolaco
  12. BX3 (a new and exclusive release!)

As you can see, the offerings of a CAO 12 Days pack are extremely diverse. You'll give your loved one the opportunity to try multiple different cigar types. Since the box is only opened once daily, they will also be able to fully appreciate the cigars over time.

What Makes These Amazing Holiday Presents?

Like the Punch 4-pack, CAO 12 Days products are cigar samplers. However, they contain even more cigar types than a 4-pack does. This makes them ideal both for new cigar lovers and seasoned veteran enthusiasts.

CAO 12 Days packs also make an excellent holiday gift for yourself. They're a great way to surprise yourself each time you light up ,and appreciate your own accomplishments.

Regardless of who you plan to gift to, just make sure that you provide this cigar sampler ASAP, so go ahead and get it now, before the offer runs out.

Who Do Cigars Make Great Gifts For?

Cigars make excellent gifts for anyone who is open to trying them! They're ideal for people who already have an interest in cigars or who already enjoy smoking. However, if you have a hunch that someone you know wants to try a cigar, getting them a handmade pack is a great way to help them experiment.

Cigars are a sophisticated product, especially when they are made by hand. This means that you can get them for anyone with higher tastes and a more refined palette. These are the people who tend to enjoy various flavor profiles and experiment with new cigar types.

You also can purchase cigars for people who celebrate any holiday. Whether your recipient loves Christmas, Hannukah, or Diwali, cigars are an interfaith and holiday-neutral gift. You don't need to work out whether or not they are specifically appropriate for a holiday that you don't celebrate.

Basically, if your recipient is adventurous and open to trying new things, a cigar pack is always a great way to go!

Find a proper Cigar Gift

Both the Punch 4-pack and CAO 12 days cigars make great gifts for any cigar aficionado. Now that you know why you should consider these products as holiday gifts, it's time to start shopping for handmade cigars.

Cuenca is committed to providing you with high-quality handmade cigars that make great holiday gifts. We're also happy to help you select the perfect present for a loved one with expert knowledge and experience. Contact us with any inquiries to begin choosing the right holiday gift today.