Happy Birthday Miguelito Cuenca. Celebrating Big!

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 09, 2017

This is the time of the year I go crazy. Well, some of you may think “she is always crazy working, so there is no difference to us”. Anyway, putting together events is the easy part. I LOVE doing that. The difficult task is in putting together my Miguelito Cuenca Birthday Bash. The part where I created a video, that was easy. But then I asked myself, how can I blog about it and get people to come to the party?

When I finalized the Invite video for the Cuenca Birthday Party, I needed it to write about it and decided to add some background information about Miguelito. So here it is:

He is super cool and laid back. He balances me out! While I am a crazy workaholic, he likes to play PlayStation and smoke Opus X. He follows all the sports and knows stuff I didn’t even know he was aware of.

When I am worried he tells me not to, and then somehow, I don't worry anymore! When I get sick, he stays by me all night long making sure I am ok. If a customer is sick, he will take care of them. Even if it is just a cut or a skin irritation, he will get to the customer and find a solution for it. People trust him as a friend because they know he will treat them right. They all come to buy from him, I don’t know why? They say, let me wait for Miguelito!

He won’t get me a gift for my birthday, but he will give me a gift every day, and that gift is always something I truly need or I have been thinking about. Somehow, he finds out. And he will do the same for his friends and customers. You know the rule: 1-99. It means when you have a relationship with someone, and you want to know who he is, see how he treats the 99 percent of the world other than you. That will tell you how the person would treat you when times get tough! I am happy to see how he is with the rest of the world!

He is also the best cook ever. Everybody here loves it when he cooks and they always want more!

He is funny. He is the kind of guy who can tell you a joke about anything without offending anyone. Guys love to play dominoes with him. Even when I believe he is being obnoxious (because he doesn't like to lose, like any Cuban that plays dominoes!), the guys still want him on the table and they truly enjoy the game. They actually put together some money and bought a Domino Table with our logo as his birthday Gift! Shhhh…..

He chose all of the blends for Cuenca Cigars and they have all done well. But he is not a famous person who produced cigars in Cuba; he is only a guy with a refined palate and a taste for high-quality cigars.

These are the reasons I am in this business is him. I would have otherwise been working for another company doing computer programming, making some money, and hanging out at cigar bars. So, because of him, I am in this difficult business, but I don’t regret any bit of it. We have been together in this journey, and it has been a tremendous experience and a huge affirmation of love!

That’s why, every year I want to celebrate Miguelito’s birthday BIGTIME! I think we all will have a lot of fun and it will be a time for all Cuencarians to reunite. We have many friends all over the country (even the world, I might say) who would love to be here that day. I can only hope they are able to make it. So, everyone is invited!

The celebration will take place on October 21st, 2017 at 7pm at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood. Live Music by Oriente Band; Guitar by Eddy Barzola, bass by Dony, drums by Rey, percussion by Joel del Sol. We will be serving Cuban Food. We also are going to do specials that day and we hope that many good people will come and join us!