Grupo de Maestros is Back. Romeo 505 and Maynards Port.

Grupo de Maestros is Back. Romeo 505 and Maynards Port.

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Apr 05, 2017

Meet one Masters from Grupo de Maestros, Mr. Pedro Ventura. The event will take place at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood this coming Saturday April 8 between 6 pm to 9 pm.

This will be a fine evening to savory the Romeo 505 with the subtle of Maynard’s 10 Years Port. Meet and chat with Mr. Pedro Ventura. Ask him about the growing, curing and rolling process. Talk about the different tobaccos. About the three biggest tobacco grower’s countries: Nicaraguan, Dominican Republic and Honduras and what every one of these tobaccos bring to the game.

Every attendee will receive:

Romeo 505 Nicaragua Cigars

Romeo Anejo by Romeo y Julieta

1 10 Years Maynard Port

Tapas will be serve.

This is a Private Event. RSVP for the event. Price $20. Only 30 attendees.

Romeo 505 Nicaragua was released back in March 2017. The cigar is one of the latest collaboration between the renowned Plasencia family of cigars and Grupo de Maestros / Altadis USA. The new cigar is considered a “Nicaraguan Puro”. The 505 portion of the name represent the Nicaraguan Area Code. This is a signature blend and the Nicaraguan roots are emphasized not just in the “505” as part of the cigar brand name but also in the blend. Tobaccos from three different areas of Nicaragua are used in the composition of this beauties. Those regions are Jalapa, Esteli and Condega. The smoke is exceptional and very different from the traditional Romeo and Julieta blends. It appeals more to the die-hard cigar enthusiast.

Grupo de Maestros is a concept. It was born to fulfill the industry demands: Skill, Passion and Knowledge. There is a new generation of cigar smokers out there with a more sophisticated palate and in the look up of new and innovative blends. After the Nicaraguan tobaccos become so popular there was a change in the way people smoke. Initially Nicaraguan tobaccos add a subtle spice and a bolder strength to the blends. That were Grupo the Maestros come into play. This skilled group of 8 masters are under the supervision of the manager of Tabacalera de Garcia, Javier Elmudesi which is also one of the eighths. They have created many of the highest rated blends among those Montecristo Epic, Romeo by Romeo y Julieta and Vegafina Fortaleza Dos. Pedro Ventura is part of the group and represent the youngest addition to it. His has been 15 years with Tabacalera de Garcia.