Great deal on My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto Cigars!

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 21, 2023

Great deal on My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto Cigars!

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Boasting a blend of premium Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and filler tobaccos from Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica; this handcrafted My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robust cigar is sure to delight with its full-bodied flavor. At 4 1/2 inches in length with a ring gauge of 50 the natural chocolate-colored stogie promises an intense yet smooth smoking experience that won't soon be forgotten.

From the renowned Pepin Garcia, Le Bijou is a pleasure to behold, named for its luxurious appeal and taste. My Father's 1922 Le Bijou cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua and boast an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper with Nicaraguan long-fillers as the contents; these ingredients create an intense flavor profile that delivers satisfaction in every puff. Truly “the Jewel” of all cigars, you will not be disappointed!

Pepin has outdone himself with this exquisite Cuban-style cigar featuring three caps. After patiently aging the all-Nicaraguan long-filler blend, Le Bijou delivers its flavors, complexity, spice and pleasure in spades! Its consistent flavor profile is expertly balanced, with a rich and full line of flavors that will captivate you from start to finish - undoubtedly one of the finest cigars available today – an absolutely very nice cigar to smoke!

Great Flavor - My Father Cigars - Le bijou 1922 Petit Robusto by Don Pepin

The second and third signature quality of the Le bijou 1922 Petit Robusto is its remarkable flavor and a great cigar. Despite being a smaller smoke, it contains more flavor than other larger smoked varieties. Upon smoking this Nicaraguan Puro you'll instantly recognize why it's one of My Father's cigars favorite cigars! Not only will your taste buds be delighted with an abundance of spice, but also enjoy a smooth draw and perfect burn every time - plus an awesome pepper blast throughout to delight even the most discerning tobacco aficionado!

The My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto cigar will revolutionize your smoking experience. I guarantee you won't be disappointed - it produces an exceptional and great smoke output! My father sticks my Father's Cigars has solidified its legacy yet again as the best cigar, and it's been verified by none other than Cigar Aficionado with an 84 rating!

My father Le Bijou line is an ode to Pepin Garcia's father, born in Cuba back in 1922. This great cigar stands out from the original My Father cigar line with its dark, almost black Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper that adds a full-body experience of earthy and woody flavors with an herbal kick.

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto cigars are meticulously crafted by experienced rollers who take pride in ensuring that each cigar meets the highest standard possible. This attention to detail ensures that each smoker enjoys an exquisite smoking experience regardless of how much tobacco they consume over time.

It's all about the great coffee flavor. For those seeking a unique coffee taste experience without sacrificing quality or flavor intensity, this cigar is a tasty one you won't want to miss out on!

Smoking Cigars - an entirely new world of cigar-smoking bliss awaits!

Uncover a newfound level of cigar-smoking enjoyment with this Petit Robust From My Father Cigars. The unique flavor and aroma of most cigars will take your favorite cigar-smoking experience to the next level. Absolutely a Great cigar.

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto is an opulent and pleasing addition to the already successful My Father cigar brand. Jamie Garcia carries on his family legacy of superior smoking with this potent smoke, boasting a powerful 4.5-inch body featuring a 50 mm ring constructed from Nicaraguan fillers wrapped in Habanas wrappers – certainly demonstrating generations' worth of cigar-making technique excellence! This exquisite Petite Robusto will become the treasured and absolute favorite of your favorite cigar, as soon as you experience its full-flavor beauty; it truly is an exceptional Great Smoke that everyone should savor at least once in their lifetime.

What rating does the My Father Le Bijou cigar receive?

Cigar Aficionado

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo recently earned the esteemed accolade of being voted #5 Cigar of 2022, garnering an impressive 97-point rating. Despite the fact that My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto Cigar has yet to make it into the Top 25, I'm convinced its rank will rise soon. It's an excellent cigar with a creamy taste, nice smoke, and great value; such good value in a draw that in fact, there are hardly any left on Cuenca Cigars' shelves! Truly this is one of those cigars you need to try before they're all gone.

Oftentimes overlooked because of its smaller size, My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto cigar is a dark cigar with an impressive draw and great burn through. Its full wrapper and unique cap release rich earthy flavors that tantalize the senses - stirring up dominant flavors of salted pepper notes alongside charred wood before culminating in an ashy aftertaste. All in all, it's a great stick and quite a grandiose stick!

Is My Father's Petit Robusto cigar worth the smoke?

Without a doubt! My Father Le Bijou's 1922 Petit Robusto cigar presents an intense, yet exquisite taste and fragrant aroma of pepper and leather. It's medium- to full-bodied, silky smooth on the palate, and guarantees that you will be thoroughly pleased with the flavor. For maximum satisfaction with the taste of this remarkable cigar, I recommend enjoying it after having a good meal - not necessarily on a Saturday morning though!

Enjoy a delightful dessert cigar with a great, tight draw, and plenty of flavor and character. The story begins on the tongue, with an intense peppery pepper kick that quickly mellows to smooth, sweet chocolate notes. This is one good smoke - fans of cigars will love its loose draw!

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This petite, stocky My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto looks magnificent. From its perfect construction to the spongy feel and smooth, oily finish, this small cigar really has all of the makings for an exceptional experience—starting from even before it is lit with its delightful pre-light aroma! A Petit Robusto is a Cuban-style little cigar. A four-inch-long stogie with a diameter of 50 rings. This type of smoke is perfect for those looking to enjoy the full flavor and aroma without having to devote too much time or effort.

I wholeheartedly suggest you set aside some time for this cigar and see if it lives up to my expectations. I enjoyed the first third of the smoke which lasted me a good 90 minutes with barely 2 inches left, yet not quite reaching full body as stated on the label. The absence of nicotine on a small stick is remarkable, while its finish was smooth without any hint of harshness or scorching heat - no matter how hard I tried! A tiny crack near the cap seems indicative that this stick had been through something but did not bother me in anyway.